OnePlus Ace Pro Makes Snapdragon 8+ Chipset Cool


Oneplus Ace Pro flagship model has been officially announced before, will officially appear on August 3, recently the official is also in the continuous warm-up, the biggest highlight of the machine is the performance, known as the new benchmark performance phone.

As the flagship that focuses on performance, in addition to being equipped with the strongest Snapdragon 8+ chip, the heat dissipation system is also the key to ensure more durable performance output and bring better experience.

In this regard, OnePlus Ace Pro is the industry’s first eight-channel all-through-VC heat dissipation system, which claims that the thermal conductivity is doubled compared with ordinary VC.

According to reports, first in terms of VC area, oneplus Ace Pro reached the industry-leading 5177mm² large area, far more than a number of performance flagship on the market, may be the largest single VC area in the industry, completely covering all heat sources in the whole machine.

How to achieve the high speed and uniform reflux effect is the key in large area.

Pushing the limits of the process, OnePlus upgraded the VC material to a copper material with better thermal conductivity and revolutionised its interior.

Not only the capillary structure is reconstructed, but also the previous VC single heat circulation channel is expanded to 8 kinds, each channel is designed separately, and special treatment is done in the heat source area and condensation area, just like a highway network, which not only improves the heat diffusion efficiency, but also ensures the uniform heat dissipation effect.

It took two years of research and development, one year of production, and half a year of optimization to create the eight-channel which runs through VC. It will bring super durable performance output for Snapdragon 8+. The Original God released by the official public can be stable at more than 59 frames in the whole high resolution for an hour.

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In addition, OnePlus Ace Pro also issued the slogan “standard with 16GB”, positioning the main selling models with 16GB super-large memory, which will further popularize the super-large memory and bring stronger use experience.


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