Oneplus Designer Leaked Oneplus 3T with Snapdragon 821, AMOLED Screen, 6GB


Oneplus designer today has leaked a new phone from Oneplus, it will not be Oneplus 3s, but Oneplus 3T, as you know, since Oneplus 3 released, there are four months passing and most users are really hard to get one. Right now Liu Zuo Hu as oneplus CEO has announced that they will solve this kind of question in one month. But the upgraded version of Oneplus is really coming, and its designer posts on Weibo by a phone named a Oneplus 3T. Previously, Pan Jiutang as professional analyst has also leaked that Oneplus 3s is coming.


However, truth proves it should be Oneplus 3T instead of Oneplus 3s. According to the latest news, Oneplus 3T will still use Samsung AMOLED screen, coming with IMX298 camera, and its processor will update to Snapdragon 821, as for other specs, right now we also have no idea.


But in terms of Oneplus practice, Oneplus 3T should aim at photographing, so the camera will be more than Oneplus 3, and we also are looking forward to the battery updating. So if you are interested in Oneplus 3, why not wait for Oneplus 3T? After all it will become the best rival for Xiaomi mi note 2. Let’s see which one is the really flagship this year.


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