Oneplus Exposed to Announce Oneplus VR Headset for Oneplus 3


VR Virtual Reality has become the ideal industry that most manufacturers would like to enter, even Oneplus, Chinese well-known cellphone brand, According to Oneplus’ CEO, Pete Luo exposed one VR photo in Weibo, and he wanted to view the world by VR which let us doubt Oneplus will come into VR circle. We also hope Oneplus can bring the Oneplus VR with nice users’ experience.


From the leaked photo of Oneplus VR, it seems very common in its design, we think it will probably support 2K screen combined with mobile to use. It’s not certain Oneplus will be expected to announce Oneplus 3 2K screen version. We remember last year Oneplus 2 announced, Oneplus has opened press conference of VR with the help of Google Cardboard. It’s probably Oneplus 3 will also take this way to release its smartphone and VR.

Since Huawei, Lenovo and Xiaomi also entered into VR line, Oneplus will also keep pace with the times released Oneplus VR headset, we don’t know if Oneplus can bring the real VR to meet our users’ needs in immersive vision and real feeling. Just stay tuned on June 14 to see Oneplus 3 press conference.


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