Oneplus First TWS Earphone Design Exposed


Earlier, we reported on the upcoming launch of a true wireless Bluetooth headset by OnePlus. On June 29, a netizen published Oneplus true wireless Bluetooth headset appearance spy photo. Previously, the earphones, known as OnePlus Pods, are expected to be unveiled alongside OnePlus’s new handset in July.

As can be seen from the picture published by the netizen, the shape of the box of the OnePlus headset is oval, which is a popular design in the current wireless Bluetooth headset market. There is an indicator light on the front. Main body of the earphone uses in-ear type design, there is a red decorative red line above. At present, it is not known whether the headset has any features.

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In addition, the message shows that the OnePlus true wireless Bluetooth headset comes in black and white. However, onePlus brand recently launched new products which have very beautiful color matching, including that this true wireless Bluetooth headset also has color matching. In addition, this Oneplus true wireless Bluetooth headset is likely to appear in the launch of a new phone, because the attention of new Oneplus phone is very high, at the same time, the launch of headset products, can also get attention.


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