OnePlus Released New Online Products, Inspired By WARF Flash Charging Technology


As major manufacturers have launched their flagship mobile phone products in the first half of the year, some brands that have no news are very interesting, for example, OnePlus. Yesterday, one plus mobile phone official Weibo claimed that there will be an online conference on the morning of April 1st when a product named WARFTen will appear. Since WARF is OnePlus 6T McLaren customized version of the flash charging technology, this new product is speculated that it may be related to charging.  In this morning, one trailer with three products was released, and there was a scene where the phone was out of power in the clip. Then the hero took out the box of WARFTen, and the end of the video still indicates that the new product will be in April. Go online on the 1st.

What I never expected was that the new product, called WARFTen, is a white chocolate shaped like a mobile phone charging head. There are two white “charging heads” and two red “charging lines” in the package. As for how much money white chocolateicial has not announced, and it is not yet on the shelves in the official mall.

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However, according to Guan Wei’s information, at 6 o’clock in the afternoon, there will be a 0-second kill in a WeChat applet, and there is also an opportunity in Jingdong.

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