OnePlus Will Launch The First Commercial 5G Phone in Europe


On January 8th, the company announced that it will cooperate with the UK’s largest mobile operator EE to launch strategic cooperation with the UK’s largest mobile operator EE in 2019 and launch the first commercial 5G mobile phone in Europe, exploring more possibilities for the 5G era.

One plus the official introduction, 5G has five major features: millimeter wave, micro base station, multi-antenna technology, beamforming, D2D and so on.

1, Millimeter Wave

The shorter the wavelength, the shorter the transmission distance and the greater the coverage. Therefore, the same range, 5G requires more base stations.

2, Micro Base Station

The larger the number of base stations, the larger the cost of the original large base stations. Therefore, the micro base station is born, and the advantages are obvious.

3, Multi-antenna technology

As the frequency increases, the wavelength becomes shorter, and the antenna becomes shorter and shorter. Finally stuffed into the phone, and more than one. Finally, multi-antenna transmission and multi-antenna reception are realized.

4, Beam Shaping

The energy and resources originally diverging around are controlled by an invisible hand to achieve precise directional service, and the frequency resources are fully utilized.

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5, D2D “device to device”

If two 5G users under the same base station communicate with each other, their data will no longer need to be forwarded through the base station, but the mobile phone directly communicates with the mobile phone, which not only saves a lot of air resources but also reduces the pressure on the base station.

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