Oneplus Will Skip Oneplus 4 to Release Oneplus 5 Directly


We haven’t heard news about Oneplus, since Oneplus released Oneplus 3T, there is no other smartphone unveiled. In fact, we don’t have to blame Oneplus, after all, Oneplus series is too few, only oneplus series.

But recently, there is news about Oneplus new smartphone unveiled. The new phone is not Oneplus 4 but also Oneplus 5. Because Oneplus has skipped Oneplus 4 directly, due to unlucky number 4 in China.

The Oneplus 5 will be the next flagship, which will be powered by the latest Snapdragon 835 processor, meanwhile, Oneplus 5 will have RAM 8GB.

Indeed, previously, there is one news about Oneplus, but we have no idea if it’s real, so it has been forgotten.Even if the news was fake, there is one or two information correct. At that time, it unveiled Oneplus 4 Edge renderings.

It is said that Oneplus 4 Edge will use ultrasonic fingerprint scanner and dual camera which are correct info. But right now Oneplus 5 has been unveiled, but this smartphone will be released until June or July, after all Snapdragon 835 chipset is really lack of stock.


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