Oneplus X Third-Party Flyme 6 OS ROM Releases


Since Meizu announced Flyme 6 OS third-party compatible ROM for other brand smartphones, different kinds of brands and models can be compatible with Flyme 6 OS listed on Flyme official website, including Oneplus One and Oneplus 2, although Oneplus official has abandoned updating them to new OS. Of course, some compatible roms are made by third-party developer. We may know Oneplus 1, Oneplus 2, Oneplus 3, 3T, but Oneplus X is the one to be neglected.

We have also introduced Oneplus 1 and Oneplus 2 right now can be upgraded to Flyme 6 OS, you can find on Flyme official website. The other good news is that in Oneplus community, there are developers who have developed Flyme 6 ROM for Oneplus X.,and the developer was once also the developer for Flyme 5 ROM for Oneplus X.

With Flyme 6 ROM for Oneplus X releasing, Flyme official website will also list it online soon.

ROM introduction
1.Android6.01 based on Official Hydrogen OS
2.Additional settings, it can support black screen gesture motion, body sensor setting, buttons customized, color tone adjusting soft light switch.

Update Changelog
First Public Test Version
Flyme OS Patch ROM is different from Meizu official firmware, function and compatibility need PatchROM and Compatibility to be improved together. Parts of functions needs to adjust due to Framework Layer, different models have difference, need to be improved.

1.In Additional settings, parts of functions haven’t been improved.
2. The portable hotspot password is invalid
3. Do-not-disturb function needs to be perfect
4. Wait to see other issues.

Source: Flyme6 for OnePlus X


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