Onyx Boox POKE PRO Review – 6-inch HD E-ink Screen E-book Reader (2G+16GB) For Just $169.99 at Gearbest (Flash Sale)


The Onyx Boox POKE PRO is the best small e-reader from Onyx. Noble design, 6 “E-Ink Carta HD screen with a resolution of 1448 × 1072 and 300 PPI, front light with color temperature system with Cortex-A17 1.6 GHz quad-core processor, 16 GB EMMC memory, 2 GB RAM, 2500 mAh battery, Wi-Fi + Bluetooth and Android 6.0.1

Buy Onyx Boox Poke PRO from Gearbest


Onyx Boox POKE PRO is a pleasantly compact reader. Specifically, 160 x 114 x 7.8 mm at a very pleasant weight of 175 grams. These are very good values. You can take your Poke Pro reader comfortably anywhere with you without interfering with it. The slippery surface of the back can be a problem in use; Control is via the touch screen. There are only two physical buttons, one on / off, the other to move back. The Poke PRO features 6 inch E-Ink Carta HD display with a resolution of 1072×1448 with 300 PPI. The screen is not flush with the bezel and has a small dip. This device has a front-lit display and color temperature system, to give a candlelight effect.


Underneath the hood is a quad-core 1.6GHz processor with 16GB of storage space and 2GB of RAM. The other big difference with the Pro model is that it is using Android 6.0, while the regular Poke has Android 4.4. It is powered by a 2500 mAh battery and also has USB-C and WIFI. This device has Bluetooth, which makes it compatible with audiobooks and music via wireless headphones or a stereo speaker. There are no manual page turn buttons or an SD card to enhance the internal storage. This is a basic six-inch e-reader that has really good specs, but the market is flooded with these types of devices. There is a home button that allows you to jump back a home screen. The software experience has back buttons and a bunch of other settings, such as A2 mode to quickly scroll in the web-browser.

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Android is the big draw on the Poke PRO and Android 6.0 is going to last a number of years, before Google discontinues it. Recently Google announced that they are no longer going to be updating the Google Play Services for Ice Cream Sandwich, which ranges from Android 4.0 to 4.04. Many e-readers use this outdated OS, but Onyx tends to use more modern versions. This device has the Google Play Store and also the Onyx App Store. The Onyx store is primarily geared towards Chinese users, ditto with the Onyx ebook store. You will likely find yourself using Google Play since it has a wellspring of apps. I recommend Google Lite apps for this model.

The e-reading experience is standard fare for Onyx e-readers. The default app has hundreds of fonts, which is a bit of a challenge to find one you really want to use. The PDF experience is actually pretty solid, but the six-inch screen makes them unreadable unless you are constantly pinching and zooming.


The Onyx Boox Poke PRO is a better investment than the normal version, this is primarily due to the beefer specs. This e-reader is designed really well and is a solid investment for those of you that don’t want to be locked into the Amazon, B&N or Kobo ecosystems. We can buy it from Gearbest at $169.99 in Flash Sale

Buy Onyx Boox Poke PRO from Gearbest


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