Ooze Duplex Pro VS Ooze Booster Vaporizer Kit Comparison Review


Both Ooze Duplex Pro and Ooze Booster C-Core Extract vaporizer kits are two-in-one devices that provide versatility and convenience to vapers. In this comparison review, we will evaluate the design, features, battery, and performance of these two vaporizers to help you make an informed decision.


The Ooze Duplex Pro is a compact and palm-style vaporizer with a square design that features a magnetic trigger-style button down the entire side of the device. On the other hand, the Ooze Booster C-Core Extract Vaporizer kit has a traditional vape pen design with a weighted base that feels like a high-quality device in your hand. It also comes with a frosted glass adapter for a dab rig experience without the torch.


The Ooze Duplex Pro includes a wax atomizer that matches the color of the device, with quartz rod coils. It comes with two magnetic 510 adapters for securing cartridges in the chamber. The shorter adapter is for 1g cartridges, and the taller one is for half-gram carts. It has a powerful 900 mAh battery with four different temperature levels, providing flexibility and customization options for vapers.

In contrast, the Ooze Booster C-Core Extract Vaporizer kit has a C-Core Onyx Atomizer that provides insanely potent, smooth airflow, maximum flavor production, and more even heating throughout your session. It has a resistance of 0.8 ohms, which makes it a sub-ohm vape that produces more vapor for a better vaping experience. It also comes with an 1100 mAh battery that provides enough power for multiple sessions.


The Ooze Duplex Pro and the Ooze Booster C-Core Extract vaporizer kits have powerful batteries that last for long periods. The Duplex Pro has a 900 mAh battery that can last a long time between charges, while the Booster has a larger 1100 mAh battery that lasts even longer. Both devices also feature pass-through charging, allowing you to use them while charging.


Both the Ooze Duplex Pro and the Ooze Booster C-Core Extract vaporizer kits offer a unique and versatile experience for vapers. The Duplex Pro is great for those who switch between carts and dabs frequently, while the Booster is perfect for those who prefer concentrates. Both devices have powerful batteries, but the Booster has a larger battery capacity that lasts longer. Ultimately, your decision will depend on your personal preferences and vaping needs.

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