OPPO A9x Camera Review: 48MP With Ultra Clear Night View 2.0, Proofs Straight To the Flagship Level


At this stage, with the continuous optimization of camera technology, it has gradually become another standard for consumers to choose models. At present, the smartphone market not only comprehensively innovates the high-end flagship phone, but also covers this technology in the mid-range phone. Today, we look at the new A9x that OPPO has just launched. The price of the mid-range machine is equipped with a flagship level of 48MP ultra-clear main camera + 5-megapixel depth of field deputy, which has caused countless netizens to discuss it: What kind of photo experience does the high configuration have? Let’s look at it together.

Before analyzing the renderings, let’s look at the hardware and software configuration of the OPPO A9x. Except for the 48MP main camera + 5MP sub-photographs mentioned above, it is also equipped with a 1/2.0 large sensor + f / 1.7 large aperture, which can aggregate four pixels into one 1.6μm large pixel, which is better weak. The ability to express light greatly improves the imaging effect at night.

Normal light during the day (outdoor, indoor)

In general, outdoor photo scenes during the day should be the most used, because, in daily life, the flowers and trees everywhere are also a “eye-catching” landscape, then it is better to record with a mobile phone. Here we can see through a few photos: After zooming in, the matte effect on the wall can be said to be in perfect condition, and the 48MP ultra clear pixels are fully played.

Hardware is important, as even mobile players will confirm, and the addition of software algorithms is also indispensable. The OPPO A9x is equipped with AI intelligent recognition technology to optimize the object. For example, when shooting flowers and trees, it can also better explain the AI ​​recognition effect. It is not difficult to see from the proofs that not only the vein texture of the leaves is clearly visible, but also the background of the railings is real and natural, and the blurring effect of the background is also particularly powerful. Overall, the color is delicate, the parts are coordinated naturally, and the imaging effect is beautiful without losing the effect of “eye-catching”, giving people a feeling of art. There are almost no hard injuries and it can fully meet the daily photo needs.

To enrich the camera experience, the OPPO A9x also offers a colorful mode. It can be seen from the proofs that in the colorful mode, the colors are more saturated and delicate, and the picture effect is more “eye-catching”.

(Left: Normal mode, Right: Colorful mode)(Left: Normal mode, Right: Colorful mode)

Overall, the OPPO A9x’s outdoor camera is still to please the user’s eye, in addition to the 48 Megapixel main camera, AI camera and colorful mode, to provide users with more camera play and fun.

After talking about outdoor shooting, look at the indoor camera link that has high requirements for the ability to take pictures of mobile phones.

It is not difficult to see from the above picture that the OPPO A9x can be restored to true in the face of complex light, and close focus is also normal. Especially in the main camera 1 / 2.0 large sensor + F1/1.7 large aperture support, the background blur effect is more significant. When encountering a strong light environment, it will automatically HDR backlight mode, suppress the glare, ensures the main body is prominent, and the background effect is more natural.

If you are taking photos directly against the glare, it is also good to suppress the light. Although it is just an ordinary indoor scene, the beauty of art, this also proves the OPPO A9x’s camera strength.

Night shot

It is said that the city at night is the most beautiful, but because of the complex light source, it greatly enhances the difficulty of taking pictures. Let’s take a look at the performance of OPPO A9x.

In the normal mode, the performance of the OPPO A9x is amazing, and the beauty of the high-rise buildings and the lights of the buildings are well displayed. However, when you look closely, you can still see that the photos as a whole are relatively dark, and there are many “noise” in the building and the sky, which leads to some rough texture, beautiful appearance, and low eye-catching feeling.

On the contrary, in the ultra clear night scene 2.0 mode, you can see that the overall effect is brighter and the look is transparent. Moreover, OPPO A9x is close to perfect for dark light and light source mediation, and the color blocks are specially coordinated, only to show the mysterious yet beautiful city night scene.

In general, OPPO A9x can suppress the light very well under the blessing of Super Clear Night View 2.0. The overall sense is more harmonious and natural, and it can produce a large sense of sight.

Selfie experience  

Speaking of self-timer, this can be said to be the “advantage” of OPPO A9x. In addition to the 16 million pixels in front, it also comes with AI smart beauty function, which makes the self-timer feel more real and natural. Let’s take a look at the photo effect.

From the proofs, you can know that Miss Sister is a self-portrait done in a dark environment, but the “inferior” environment has not blocked her beauty. Under the help of OPPO A9x portrait mode 2.0 + blurry beauty, the two young ladies’ selfies are very beautiful. You can also customize your favorite photo style in the portrait mode interface according to your personal preference.

The portrait mode of OPPO A9x is also very good. It is easy to see from the proofs. The static and smiling faces of Miss Sister are very natural under the lens capture, and the elegance of Miss Sister is completely expressed.

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It is not difficult to find out that the OPPO A9x has shown excellent results both day and night. Among them, the outdoor is clear and realistic, the interior is beautiful and the self-timer is beautiful, especially under the blessing of the ultra-clear night 2.0 technology, the night view is amazing. Overall, in the same price model, OPPO A9x can be said to be in the “front end”, camera capabilities have exceeded the needs of most consumers. So for you, what do you think?

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