OPPO Announced Strategic Cooperation Agreements with the Hasselblad Image


OPPO has announced a strategic partnership with Hasselblad, a global specialist camera manufacturer. OPPO will create a brand new experience of mobile phone camera through the joint research and development of Hasselblad Focus Color through two technological innovations of computational color and computational optics.

The strategic collaboration between OPPO and Hasselblad will cover the OPPO Find flagship product range. After onePlus returned to OPPO, through the opening and sharing of the research and development platform, maximize the utilization efficiency of resources, so that more users can enjoy hasselblad mobile phone image experience in Find flagship series and OnePlus digital flagship series.

Following the release of mariana ®️ MariSilicon X, OPPO is committed to creating a better mobile video experience through cooperation with Hasselblad.

According to the official introduction, the two sides will start from the innovation of color performance, committed to the establishment of color standards for smart phones, break through the current lack of uniform color standards in the industry, with computing color technology for OPPO mobile phone to achieve full time, full scene, full focus of the consistency of natural color performance. Using hasselblad mobile phone natural color tuning, OPPO will also be committed to achieving further breakthroughs in the field of portrait.

Cooperation of both sides to “OPPO | hasselblad cellphone image system” in the future products. OPPO and Hasselblad have jointly developed this imaging solution for mobile devices, which will provide users with more textured natural colors and higher quality image effects.

“OPPO | hasselblad cellphone image system” for the first time for a new generation of the Find X flagship series.

Known as the Hermes of cameras, the Hasselt starts at 20,000 yuan. Known for its medium format and natural colors. Many of the most iconic moments in human history were captured by Hasself. OPPO and One Plus have cooperated with Hasselblad, the essence of which lies in “natural color”. Compared with leica’s rich colors, Hasselblatt’s natural colors may be more popular with high-end people.

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OPPO and Hasselblad have been working together for three years and hundreds of people have been involved in research and development, ranging from optics to color.


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