OPPO Enco Air 2i Headset Confirmed to be Released on August 10th


This afternoon, OPPO officially announced that OPPO Enco Air 2i real wireless headset will be released at 19:00 on August 10, with the slogan “super large moving circle, the surge into the ear”.

OPPO Enco Air2i  Real Wireless headphones have an in-ear design and come in black and white versions, according to the official poster. The black headset charging case is white on the outside and blue on the inside, while the white headset charging case is white on the inside and outside.

Further information about OPPO Enco Air2i is not yet known. For comparison, we learned that OPPO Enco Air2, released in January, has a translucent jelly bin shape, weighs 3.5G in one ear, and officially boasts up to four hours of solo music and up to 24 hours when paired with a charging case.

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In addition, OPPO Enco Air 2i uses 13.4mm composite titanium-plated diaphragm with the new Enco Live tuning, Bluetooth low delay dual transmission scheme, and AI deep call noise reduction function. When starting the game, you can also enter the low delay mode through the three-strike headset. It Improves the game music and painting is not synchronized, interference disconnection and other problems.


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