OPPO Find X: New Poster Reveals That It Will Have Telephoto Camera and 3D Structured Light Technology


OPPO Find X Smartphone has caused continuous attention since the announcement, after a lapse of 4 years, many OPPO fans are looking forward to the Find series flagship will return in the name of “X”, really look forward to. Recently, the OPPO official has not stopped the promotion of this phone. Today, the OPPO officially released a new poster at his Weibo account, from which we seem to be able to read some information.

This promoted poster is entirely concise and full of science and illusion. An image is a person holding a telescope looking at the stars of the universe. OPPO’s microblog copy for this poster is ” Galileo Galilei aimed at the sky and the vast universe was unlocked.”

We know that Galileo Galilei is the inventor of the astronomical telescope. The core role of the telescope is to “zoom.” Therefore, we analysis, the theme of this poster is to hint OPPO Find X’s zoom camera capability. Of course, the current dual-camera phones basically support 2x zoom, which is not worth special, so OPPO Find X believes there will be new breakthroughs in zoom photography.

This can not help but imagine that as early as 2016, OPPO showed the periscope lens + telephoto stabilization technology, in the periscope, OPPO really made an optical zoom lens set, which is in the ordinary CMOS and lens In addition to the module, a side-mounted periscope-mounted optical zoom lens set is additionally placed next to it for a 5x optical zoom.

In addition, it is worth noting that in this poster copy, there is also a keyword: “unlocked.” Here’s unlocked, it is easy to think of “3D structured light” blessing face unlocking technology. In fact, 3D structured light technology is one of OPPO Find X’s most anticipated technologies. On May 10th, OPPO announced the successful implementation of the world’s first 5G video call demonstration using 3D structured light technology.

The RGB and structured light cameras of the phone separately capture the color of the subject and 3D depth information and then transmitted through 5G, finally real-time. Presented on the remote display, this result is based on 3D structured light technology. As the flagship product of the OPPO, I believe that OPPO Find X will prepare a lot of things to watch. On June 19th, the phone will be released globally in the Louvre in Paris, France.

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