OPPO Find X2 Exposure: Screen Hole Design, 100% Screen To Body Ratio


In the era of full screen, various manufacturers are exploring solutions to achieve a truly comprehensive screen mobile phone. Following the previous Notch and water drop screens, the recent smear screens are popular in the mobile phone market. It is said that Samsung Galaxy S10, A8s, Huawei nova 4, and honor V20 will adopt such designs, and there seems to be a trend of popularization. In the voice of the digging screen, the author also saw a rendering of the OPPO Find X2 on Weibo yesterday. According to the picture, Find X2 and Find X is not much different in appearance, but it has a cutout design on the top of the screen and three cameras on the rear.

The author personally still agrees with the views of these peoples. If Find X uses boring, it is indeed a retrogression in design. In June of this year, when other manufacturers were deploying notch, OPPO took the lead in introducing Find X with a curved panoramic screen design, which hides the front and rear cameras, sensors, earpieces and other components in the fuselage through the dual-track periscope structure. Among them, an integrated body with no openings before and after is realized.

At the same time, with the curved surface design, COP packaging technology, etc., Find X’s screen ratio is up to 93.8%, bringing consumers the ultimate visual experience. And from the models released by various manufacturers this year, the design of Find X is undoubtedly a better comprehensive screen solution. As a result, the next generation of the OPPO Find series will only be close to a full screen, rather than a reversed boring screen design.

The author believes that another major reason why OPPO Find X does not use the hole design is the 3D structured light. Find X is one of the few models in China that are equipped with 3D structured light. Its 3D face recognition not only supports unlocking and payment functions, but also can be used in beauty. And Find X’s 3D structured optical components are hidden in the phone, maintaining the integrity of the phone, unlike the iPhone XS has a big notch. If the hole design is used, it also means that OPPO will abandon the 3D structure light, which is also a retrogressive behavior.

In addition, OPPO Find X super flash version and Lamborghini version also equipped with the current industry-leading SuperVOOC super flash charging technology, the maximum charging power can reach 50W, the fastest can fill a mobile phone in 35 minutes. If Find X uses a boring design, it is not known whether such a technology can be used.

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It is undeniable that the whole design is a good comprehensive screen solution, so it will be welcomed by some manufacturers. Maybe other series of OPPO products will adopt this design next year. However, compared to Find X’s dual-track design, there are still some limitations in the boring screen, so OPPO should not use this type of design on the Find series.


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