OPPO Find X2 Pro Review: 120hz Display, Snapdragon 865


OPPO officially released the Find X mobile phone. This is the return of the Find series after four years. At the same time, it also sounded the horn of OPPO to enter the European market. On March 6, OPPO Find X2 series mobile phones were officially released. The first batch of OPPO Find X2 Pro phones and used it as the main phone for a deep experience for a while. I believe that many friends have a lot of curiosity about this product.


Compared to the radical design language of the first generation of Find X, OPPO Find X2 seems to be much more conservative. Many users seem to be a little “disappointed” at first glance at X2, but this “disappointment” is based on Find X Too amazing. Even though OPPO Find X2 is not as amazing as the first generation, but you compare OPPO Find X2 with other current Snapdragon 865 flagship machines, you will feel that Find X2 is still the one with the highest appearance.

After all, OPPO is definitely the first echelon in the aesthetics of mobile phones. The same design language and the same element arrangement are particularly temperamental when used on Find X2 Pro. To give an example that is not appropriate, it is like The same dress looks particularly good on the model, and Find X2 Pro is that model.

Find X2 does not have huge changes in appearance design like Find X. More, Find X2 is based on a detailed polishing based on an existing design and has polished a just right aesthetic.

In the body design of Find X2 Pro, you will find many familiar design elements, such as the concave crescent shape at the top and bottom of the body, such as the familiar three-point speaker opening, the green line power button, and so on. These are the classic design elements inherited from OPPO mobile phones and familiar and recognized by millions of consumers.

The back is made of leather. The use of leather is just right. First of all, compared to glass, leather has more “noble” attributes; from practicality From the perspective, the leather body is more non-slip, does not stick to fingerprints and sweat, and also avoids the risk of the back cover falling off the floor.

In terms of feel, the Find X2 Pro plain leather version weighs 200g. This data is quite satisfactory, but thanks to the use of curved screens, OPPO still creates a very good grip, the body is slightly slender, and the power button is just in the thumb position. , The fuselage between the front glass panel, the leatherback shell, and the middle frame is natural and comfortable.

OPPO Find X2 Pro Appearance

Every generation of Find mobile phones will make a big fuss on the screen. If you find the curved panoramic screen of Find X as the product of OPPO’s ultimate exploration of full-screen form, then Find X2 Pro is OPPO’s deeper creation and tuning of the top screen experience.

According to the official statement, the Find X2 series is equipped with OPPO’s clearest and brightest professional-grade mobile phone screen to date, which is not an exaggeration. Find X2 Pro is equipped with a 6.7-inch QHD + (3168 * 1440) curved AMOLED screen with 513 ppi, 5000000: 1 contrast ratio, 100% P3 wide color gamut coverage, E3 light-emitting material, and a local peak brightness of 1200nit. It is worth mentioning that this screen is also the industry’s first 10-bit color screen, supporting 1.07 billion color displays, which is richer and more delicate in color display.

In the settings, OPPO Find X2 Pro provides three vivid, soft, and cinema color modes. The display effect of Find X2 Pro in vivid and cinema mode with Starscream 5.

This screen equipped with Find X2 Pro obtained very good test data. Among them, in vivid mode, OPPO Find X2 Pro has 100% sRGB, 90% AdobeRGB, and color accuracy is 1.91 ( The minimum value is 0.23 and the maximum value is 3.46).

Vivid mode:

In cinema mode, OPPO Find X2 Pro has 100% sRGB, 89% AdobeRGB, color accuracy is only 0.87, DeltaE is less than 1, and it performs very well. This is also the intelligence of the best test of color accuracy.

Theater mode:

Another highlight of Find X2 Pro’s screen is that it supports a 120Hz refresh rate and a 240Hz screen sampling rate. Whether it is sliding information flow or playing games, you can feel a very smooth and smooth experience, the screen is like playing Like butter, high resolution + high refresh rate, believe me, as long as you use it, you can’t go back.

Like the linear motor, the high refresh rate also belongs to the configuration that you can never go back. You can hardly feel the charm of the 120Hz ultra-high refresh rate screen through text, but as long as you have used the 120Hz refresh rate Screen when returning to 60Hz, you will more or less have the illusion of “stuck”.

In the picture below, when browsing the news of sliding the screen up and down, the frame rate is basically maintained at about 110-120.

However, the high frame rate screen will also increase a lot of power consumption. Correspondingly, OPPO added the screen refresh rate intelligent switching function to the Find X2 Pro system. When the battery is low, the screen refresh rate will automatically drop to 60Hz.

Find X2 Pro is also equipped with an exclusive super-sensing image quality engine. It is easy to understand that by using MEMC video dynamic frame insertion, videos below 30fps can be greatly increased to 60fps or even 120fps, in order to maximize the 120Hz refresh rate of the Find X2 Pro screen. Application scenarios.

At present, the super-sensing image quality engine supports local video and online video. The online video platforms include Tencent Sports (60 / 120fps), YouTube (60 / 120fps), iQiyi, Youku, Tencent Video, etc.

At present, the frame rate of movies is mostly maintained at 24 frames, and with this technology, you can experience the effect of 60 frames of movies on your mobile phone.

The super-sensitive image quality engine through iQiyi’s “Ye Wen 4”. In the movie “Ye Wen 4”, after turning on the super-sensitive image quality engine, the screen contrast is significantly higher and the colors are more vivid. In some scenes, the picture rotation and switching are smoother, and the look and feel is particularly comfortable. However, it should be noted that perhaps the previous algorithm is immature. This 60-frame feeling is not continuous, such as some fighting scenes in the movie, or encountering a slightly complicated background picture (multiple people, the color of the picture changes more You can see some traces of the algorithm, such as the discontinuity of the lens, and the picture returns to 24 frames. Of course, this perception is very subtle.

OPPO Find X2 Pro Hardware

OPPO Find X2 Pro is equipped with the Snapdragon 865 mobile platform, with 12GB (LPDDR5) + 256GB / 512GB storage, which belongs to the top configuration of the current Android camp.

Before running the scores, first briefly introduce the Snapdragon 865:

The Snapdragon 865 uses TSMC’s 7nm process technology. It has a custom A77-based Kryo 585 super-core with a main frequency of 2.84Ghz, three A77-based Kryo 585 Gold cores, a main frequency of 2.42Ghz, and four more. A55 architecture Kryo 585 Sliver small core, 1.8Ghz. Compared with the previous generation Snapdragon 855 processor, the CPU performance has been increased by 25%, and the power consumption has also been reduced by 25%.

In terms of GPU, the new Adreno 650 graphics processor also has a 25% performance improvement and a 35% reduction in power consumption compared to the previous generation Adreno 650.

W got it through GeekBench4 running points. OPPO Find X2 Pro single-core reached 4268 points and multi-core reached 13252 points.

In the 3DMark running score, the OpenGL ES3.1 graphics card score is 8126, and the total score is 7162;

In AnTuTu (V8.2.5) test, OPPO Find X2 Pro reached 593373 points, surpassing 99% of users. For comparison, Antutu (V8.0.5) with Snapdragon 855 runs at 480,000+.

In the storage read test, the sequential read speed of OPPO Find X2 Pro reached 1712MB / s, the sequential write speed reached 753MB / s, the random read speed reached 206MB / s, the random write speed reached 200MB / s, and the actual test results Belonging to the first echelon of the Android camp, OPPO Find X2 Pro has a faster response and higher processing efficiency in the face of operations such as downloading, copying, installing, switching large applications, and transferring files.

From the point of view of the running score alone, the performance of OPPO Find X2 Pro is obviously not to worry about.

It is worth mentioning that when AnTuTu is turned on, the system will remind you to turn on the racing mode. In this mode, the phone will turn on a lot of performance resources. After the software is closed, the system will return to its previous state.

After testing the running points, let’s take a look at the game performance of OPPO Find X2 Pro. We have tested three games of “Peace Elite”, “QQ Speeder” and “Asphalt 9”.

It should be noted that in the test, the three games have the highest picture quality and the highest number of frames, and in order to ensure the effective frame rate of the actual game, we only tested the frame rate in the game, such as the game entry interface, game settlement screen None of them are recorded.

Peace Elite:

In the Peace Elite game, OPPO Find X2 Pro supports up to 60 frames, and the highest quality supports HDR. In our 30-minute game test, the average frame of Find X2 Pro was 59.7FPS, the highest frame was 61FPS, and the lowest frame was 44FPS The whole process is basically stable at about 61FPS-58FPS. What needs to be explained here is that the main reason for the lowest frame of 44FPS is that the author took a screenshot operation at that time.

The following frame rate graph shows that the phone is basically running at full frame during nearly 30 minutes of gaming.

Asphalt 9:

In the Asphalt 9 game, we also turned on the highest picture quality, with a maximum frame rate of 60FPS.

In the 45-second game (one round ), the average frame rate of OPPO Find X2 Pro is 58.8FPS, and the game is stable above 50FPS. Compared to “Peace Elite”, “Asphalt 9” has the highest picture quality and more configuration, but from the experience point of view, for flagship mobile phones such as OPPO Find X2 Pro Snapdragon 865, mainstream games are generally Can easily cope.

Asphalt 9

We also tested the “QQ Speed ​​Car” mobile game. Although the “QQ Speed ​​Car” mobile game does not have strict requirements for the configuration of the mobile phone, the “QQ Speed ​​Car” mobile game is currently one of the few that supports the super-high frame rate mode of 120 frames Mobile games. On the OPPO Find X2 Pro, the QQ Speeding mobile game can play the biggest advantage.

In our test, in a game (2 minutes and 14 seconds), OPPO Find X2 Pro was basically stable at 120FPS. At the beginning and end of the game, the frame dropped slightly, but this “drop frame” was from 120 When the frame drops to about 110 frames, the naked eye cannot detect these subtle changes at all.

QQ Speed ​​Mobile Games

In general, the performance of OPPO Find X2 Pro can stand the test, after all, it represents the highest standard of the current Android camp.

5G and 5G download test

Find X2 Pro supports SA / NSA dual-mode 5G, 8-mode 37-band, 5G + 4G dual-receive dual-card dual-standby, full-band using 4 * 4MIMO technology and HPUE technology, and n41 / 78/79 band 4 antenna SRS round-robin technology is adopted to effectively improve the 5G downlink 4 * 4 MIMO throughput and the network speed is faster. In addition, Find X2 Pro also uses dual-antenna dual-band WiFi and supports Wi-Fi 6.

Find X2 Pro has smart 5G technology, which can realize power optimization for intelligent switching of 4G / 5G networks, DSS dynamic spectrum technology, dual 5G technology (5G + 5G WIFI), intelligent dynamic switching of SA and NSA spectrum 4 major functions.

After nearly a year of construction, the 5G network of Qingdao Animation Game Industrial Park, where has begun to spread widely. The author can find China Mobile’s 5G signals at the end of the company corridor.

In our tests, Find X2 Pro (China Mobile 5G Full Speed ​​Package) obtained a download speed of 966Mbps and an upload speed of up to 48 + Mbps. One speed measurement actually consumed more than 1G of traffic.

At the same location, we also tested the 4G network speed. As shown in the comparison chart, under the 4G network, the download speed of Find X2 Pro is only about 39Mbps and the upload speed is 2.14Mbps. For comparison, the 5G network download speed we tested at the same location was 24 times faster.

4G vs 5G

Of course, in addition to speed measurement, 5G networks already have actual combat scenarios. We tested the download speed of the Find X2 Pro App Store App under the 5G network. As shown in the following figure (red box), within a few seconds, the Find X2 Pro can soar to a download speed of nearly 100MB / s!

A mobile game with a size of almost 2GB can be completely downloaded in just ten seconds! The author has produced a set of GIF animation demonstrations. The GIF has not undergone any acceleration processing. Everyone feels it intuitively:

OPPO Find X2 Pro Cameras

The previous generation of Find X mobile phones was a bit regrettable due to the body structure. However, on the Find X2 Pro, OPPO began to fully impact the image power. The Find X2 Pro uses a 48MP main camera (IMX689) + 48MP ultra-wide-angle (IMX586 ) + 13MP telephoto three-shot combination, which is also OPPO’s most powerful and most comprehensive super-sensing full-focus imaging system to date.

In addition, Find X2 Pro is the industry’s first mobile phone that supports 12-bit ultra-clear image capture and can output up to 12-bit original pictures.

Among them, Find X2 Pro’s 48MP main camera sensor (IMX689) has a size of 1 / 1.43 inches and a single-pixel size of 1.12 μm, both of which are the largest of all 48MP mobile phone cameras. Compared with the previous generation, the IMX 689 has an increased photosensitive area 96% and 130% sensitivity improvement.

Find X2 Pro’s wide-angle main camera hardware-level dual-native ISO technology can intelligently switch sensitivity for low-light scenes and bright environments. Find X2 Pro also uses the second-generation 10x hybrid optical zoom technology, which supports 10x hybrid optical zoom, up to 60x digital zoom, and a new upgrade of the OIS driver chip.

The biggest highlight of the Find X2 Pro camera is the launch of the All Pixel Omni-directional PDAF technology, which has greatly improved the focusing performance.

First, let’s briefly popularize the all-pixel omnidirectional focusing technology ( part of the information from the official OPPO ):

This technology improves the microlens structure and layout of the image sensor. It uses a 2 * 2 Quad Bayer array, and 4 pixels share a single on-chip lens, which significantly improves the sensitivity and focus, especially in dark light.

Compared to other focusing technologies, there are two obvious advantages :

Every day when we take photos with mobile phones when we encounter some dark environments. It is often difficult for the lens to focus quickly and accurately. At this time, if the photos are captured, the proofs are often blurred into one piece. And the film rate is very low. The all-pixel omnidirectional focusing technology used by Find X2 Pro can fundamentally solve this problem. All pixels can be used for phase difference detection. Under dark light. Even small objects can achieve high-precision focusing. Greatly improved the filming rate of mobile photos.

In addition, the technology also has “horizontal” and “oblique” texture focusing capabilities, which are not limited by the shape and texture of the subject.

On the whole. The proof of Find X2 Pro is still Leng Yanfan, and more of it is to restore the real. The main camera IMX689 has very good performance. Both in color and exposure control is very good, despite the cloudy, but the screen brightness is still sufficient. Especially the blurring proof of close-up of the object. The background blurring is natural and real. And it has a creamy feeling.

In some environments with large differences in light and shade, the Find X2 Pro will automatically turn on HDR for easy comparison. The author took two samples of the HDR switch.

It is not difficult to find by comparison that after the HDR function is turned off, the branches outside the garage and the glass on the building have been overexposed because of the strong light contrast. After turning on HDR, the walls above the garage are no longer black. After partial enlargement, the leaves and glass walls in the distance also have more details. It is not difficult to see that the Find X2 Pro has a good dynamic range after turning on HDR. which performed.

In the night shooting, the Find X2 Pro also has a very good performance. First of all, the details of the sample shot are much more than the human eye can see. In some extreme low-light environments, the brightness of the sample shot by the Find X2 Pro is sufficient. The picture is also relatively pure, with the feeling of a “night vision device”.

In addition, the Find X2 Pro also performs well on glare control in highlights.

However, the author believes that the Find X2 Pro camera still has room for further optimization. During the night shooting session, the Find X2 Pro occasionally takes one or two pictures with a lot of noise. Considering the quality of the camera and the engineering machine, it is still Looking forward to OPPO’s later optimization.

It is worth mentioning that the rear three-shot lens of the Find X2 Pro supports ultra-clear night scene mode. Needless to say, the zoom, is OPPO’s favorite item. At 10x zoom, the details of the proof are still very rich.

Video Stabilization is the main project of OPPO since last year. Find X2 Pro also adds ultra-wide-angle video stabilization shooting (Super Stabilization Pro). Compared with ordinary video stabilization, Super Stabilization Pro has a wider viewing range and can record More pictures.

In addition, Find X2 Pro also supports 1 billion colors Live HDR video recording function. Which can achieve high dynamic range, wider color gamut video shooting? Here are not experienced one by one. Comparison of framing range of ordinary video, super anti-shake, super anti-shake Pro:


Find X2 Pro has a built-in 4260mAh battery. The battery capacity is not small, but because of the 120Hz screen. The power consumption of Find X2 Pro is still relatively large, which is the only place that I am not satisfied with. Especially when you are used to a long-life phone, you will feel a bit faster after using Find X2 Pro.

In the author’s test. Find X2 Pro “Peace Elite” consumes 12% of power in 25 minutes (highest frame rate, highest picture quality. 50% brightness, 50% volume), and this data performance can only be said to be average. Of course, if you manually turn off the 120Hz screen. The battery life will increase a lot, but I think that anyone who has used the 120Hz screen will not return to 60Hz.

Fortunately, Find X2 Pro charge fast enough, you can make up for the low power fast regret. Find X2 Pro equipped with a 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 super flash charging technology. Dual-cell design in series in the tests, 12 It can charge from 0 to 50% of electricity in minutes. And the speed performance is amazing. This is also the fastest charging smartphone I have tested.

In the test, it can be charged from 0 to 100% in 32 minutes. But the system has already entered the trickle charge state when it reaches 100%. It takes about 38 minutes to fully charge.

The specific performance is as follows:

Overall, the Find X2 Pro’s battery life is average, but fortunately. The charging speed is extremely fast, you can get a full day of power using idle time charging, of course. It also means that you have to carry Find X2 Pro Original charger.

Due to time, features such as NFC, stereo dual speakers. AI adaptive eye protection system, IP68 waterproof and dustproof, etc. will not be experienced one by one.


Starting from ColorOS 6, OPPO is more and more careful in polishing the system. The value is getting higher and higher, and the concept of “light and borderless” is getting deeper and deeper. It may not satisfy you in terms of function, but High-value design must be deeply rooted.

Find X2 Pro uses ColorOS 7.1 and is based on Android 10’s deep customization. The official said that it will systematically upgrade from design, function, security, and scene applications.

Here highlights the design of ColorOS 7.1.

In terms of appearance, ColorOS 7.1 has a lot of elegant colors. It has a neutral and simple taste. This change is so great that if you put ColorOS 5 and ColorOS 7.1 two years ago together. You wo n’t even Think of it as the same system.

ColorOS 7.1

Secondly, the wallpapers of ColorOS 7.1 are very beautiful. And each one can perfectly fit the icons without any sense of conflict.

Icon design is also a highlight of ColorOS 7.1. ColorOS 7.1 gives a high degree of customization to icons. In the system settings, you can manually select the rectangle, pebbles and material style.

Global Dark Mode

In the experience, whether it is system interaction or UI layout, or even zooming, transition animation. And other scenes show a very delicate, delicate and lightweight look and feel. With the 120Hz screen. The Find X2 Pro is extremely comfortable to use and full of texture.

In terms of features, ColorOS 7.1 also adds functions such as recording-to-text, multi-user mode. Automatic detection of planes in photos and correction, flashback key, etc. Further improving the consumer experience.


In the official propaganda. OPPO used the word “omnidirectional, sensory awakening” to describe the Find X2 series of mobile phones. And in the author’s long-term in-depth experience. I did feel the Find X2 Pro has a different temperament. The flagships are similar in design, but the Find X2 Pro does give users a unique exquisite. Comfortable, high-quality machine experience.

Back to the product itself. 120Hz 2K screen, exquisite body craftsmanship, comfortable ColorOS 7.1 system. Excellent camera performance, decent performance and charging speed. These are the core competitiveness of OPPO Find X2 Pro. In terms of experience, It’s also enough flagships, good enough.

OPPO Find X2 Pro seems to be a little less amazing in the design of the body ID. But I do n’t think it is regrettable. If Find X is regarded as the era of a full-screen explosion. OPPO is the pioneer in exploring the future form, technology. And the interaction of smartphones. Find X2 is an aesthetic flagship with comprehensively improved senses in the era of universal screen popularity.

Find X2 Pro still continues the good word of mouth and image of the Find series. For OPPO, this is also the key work of the brand in the high-end market. It does not use the aggressive design to tell the industry that the smartphone should What to do, more, OPPO Find X2 Pro is based on the essence of experience, to make a more perfect 5G era smartphone.

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