OPPO Find X2 Pro VS Huawei Mate 30 Pro Camera Comparison


The OPPO Find X2 Pro rear camera is equipped with a three-lens design, and the Huawei Mate 30 Pro is equipped with a rear four-camera design. Mate30Pro is better, so what’s the difference, let’s share the differences between the two phones.

There are still obvious differences between Huawei Mate30Pro and OPPO FindX2 Pro when comparing photos taken in an environment with sufficient outdoor light. The difference is mainly divided into two parts. The first part is at the top of the building at the close range of the photo. You can see the red part. The photos taken by OPPO FindX2 Pro are darker, and the photos taken by Huawei Mate30Pro are lighter. In addition, in terms of the exposure and detail performance of distant building surfaces, the photos taken by OPPO FindX2 Pro are clearer, and Huawei Mate30Pro is slightly worse than that.

At the same angle and in a well-lit environment, the photos were compared. OPPO FindX2 Pro has a lighter color in the sky, but the green plants have a darker color. The effect of the black photos of Huawei Mate30Pro is completely in the opposite state. The color of the sky is darker blue, but it is lighter for green.


The contrast of the photos taken in this group of indoor environments is more obvious. The main difference is the control of the exposure. The skewers shot by OPPO FindX2 Pro are brighter, and the background yellow is more vivid. The color of the skewers shot by Huawei Mate30Pro is not bright enough, and the yellow background in the distance is a little darker and not bright enough.

However, the comparison of photos taken at close range is also indoors, but the results are quite different. The surface of the food shot by Huawei Mate30Pro is very bright, and the texture is very clear, and the details are clear. However, in the photos taken by OPPO FindX2 Pro, the details of the texture of the surface of the food are very average, and the overall appearance is dark, and the performance is generally unsatisfactory.

In the comparison of this group of night scene photos. The performance of OPPO FindX2 Pro is again different. The main difference is the light and dark performance of the building. In the same environment, the surface of the building photographed by OPPO FindX2 Pro is very bright. And the internal details of the building are sufficiently clear. Compared with Huawei Mate30Pro, the building surface shot is dim. And the internal details are very ordinary. In addition, the room with lights inside the distant building is not as good as OPPO FindX2 Pro.

At present, it is not that the more cameras there are, the better the camera effect. Which one do you choose, OPPO Find X2 Pro and Huawei Mate 30 Pro?

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