Oppo Find X3 is Confirmed to be Equipped with Two Flagship Sensors


Today, Oppo announced that the Find X3 series will be equipped with a 1 billion color dual main camera and two flagship cameras.

Oppo Find X3 series is equipped with 1 billion color dual primary photography, each of which supports 1 billion color deep capture, allowing more color details to be recorded. According to the introduction, as the first step of the full link 10bit color engine, the 1 billion color dual master photography will lay a solid foundation for the subsequent coding, storage, decoding, display links.

According to Oppo, Find X3 series features a flagship camera with one billion color dual main cameras, no longer distinguishing between primary and secondary, and each camera can be used for its best purpose.

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We understand that Oppo Find X3 series will also debut with a full-link 10bit color engine. The full link 10bit covers the whole image processing process of collection, encoding, storage, decoding and display, and has the ability to process 10bit data in each link.


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