OPPO K5 Review: 64MP Quad Cameras, Snapdragon 730G


OPPO brought a new K-series phone, OPPO K5. Foreign Media has already got the prototype of this mobile phone in advance. After a period of experience, I will bring you the evaluation experience of OPPO K5.

Design & Appearance

OPPO K5 has three colors, namely Fantasy Forest, Cyber ​​Metal and Polar Sun. The IT House got the OPPO K5 “Fantasy Forest” color scheme, and the storage version is 8+128GB.

This “fantasy forest” color scheme is a bit close to the quiet black color of the OPPO K3 mobile phone in the first half of this year, but in terms of details, the K5 has more meticulous changes. OPPO K5’s fantasy forest color is overall dark green, from top to bottom transition from deep to light, the darkness of the top of the phone is more intense.

Under a certain angle, it can be seen that there is a beam of light extending from the lower part of the back of the phone to the center of the phone. When you carefully observe the light, you can see that it is composed of dozens of subtle beams. Like a misty morning, the sun shines through the thick shades of trees, forming a beautiful “light column. This design is called the “3D folding light and shadow body” by OPPO. It is difficult for the camera to take this look, but it is easy to see with the naked eye.

In addition, it needs to be said that the back shell of OPPO K5 is replaced with glass material, the texture of the body is cooler and warmer, because the K5 does not continue the design of the predecessor K3 pop-up front, so the phone is relatively thin, the whole machine The weight is 182g, and the grip is lighter for a few minutes. For a long time with one hand, the wrist will not feel sore. In addition, because of the glass body, the K5 grip is more solid in the hand.

The OPPO K5 rear four-camera module is almost identical in design to Reno Ace, except for the camera layout and internal digital logo. The OPPO Reno ACE’s rear four cameras are located on the center axis of the Phone, while the OPPO K5 is located in the upper left corner of the phone, with a fill light on the right. Among them, the 64MP camera at the top of the K5 camera has a green circle embellishment, and the bottom is a 64MP text logo.

OPPO K5’s lower right corner is the OPPO logo, look carefully and there is a line of “DESIGNED FOR K- SERIES” small characters. The front of the phone is a familiar drop screen. From the left to the right, the bottom of the phone is the speaker opening, Type-C opening, microphone opening, and 3.5mm headphone hole.

OPPO K5 has a built-in light-sensitive screen fingerprint 3.0, which adopts OPPO’s self-developed compensation-type projection scheme to optimize the recognition rate for extreme environments. It can also be easily unlocked in wet hands or glare scenes.

Screen, OPPO K5 uses a 6.41 inch 20:9 shallow waterdrop screen, using E1 luminescent material OLED screen, resolution 2400 * 1080, with 60Hz screen refresh rate, 95Hz touch sampling rate, support low light no strobe and low Blu-ray eye protection.

In terms of perception, the K5’s screen display is transparent and clear, and the font is clear and grainless. In the system settings, K5 supports screen color temperature adjustment, color mode selection and so on.

In the system default (color mode is vivid, default color temperature), IT home obtained through professional instrument testing, K5 screen has 100% sRGB and 97% AdobeRGB, the average color accuracy is 1.46, and the same gear Compared to the mobile phone, the K5’s screen quality is competitive.


One of the biggest highlights of the OPPO K5 is the four-camera system, which includes a 64-megapixel sensor (Samsung GW1 AF, default output of 4-16 Megapixels), and 64 million masters with 1/1.72 inches. The bottom sensor, four-in-one pixel aggregation technology has better low light performance.

The other three cameras are 8MP super wide angles and 2MP black and white and 2MP macro. Among them, 8MP super wide angles have 1/3.2 inch photosensitive area, f/2.25 aperture, providing 119° super wide-angle photography, and support wide-angle anti-distortion.

In terms of functions, K5 provides OPPO-style portrait mode, AI ultra-clear night view 2.0, super wide-angle video, video blur and more. In particular, OPPO Reno2’s main super video anti-shake function, OPPO K5 is also equipped.

Let’s take a look at the sample performance of OPPO K5. In the case of good daylight, the sample taken by OPPO K5 is very satisfactory. Both white balance and dynamic range have good performance. The Oppo K5 offers a colorful mode in the camera. When this mode is turned on, the sample is more cool, and the color saturation and contrast are higher. This mode is more suitable for scenes such as food and natural scenery.

Under the super wide-angle proofs, the OPPO K5 can provide a wider picture, and the zoom distortion processing is also quite in place. The look and feel are very natural, but the brightness of the super wide-angle proofs is slightly insufficient compared to the ordinary proofs.

By default, the K5 output is 16MP. In the setup, you can manually open 64MP straight-out proofs. However, in the camera interface, you can’t find the direct entrance to open 64MP proofs, but instead, OPPO is hidden in the “Photo Scale” option in the camera settings. The 64MP proofs have 9216 x 6912 pixels, and each image has exceeded 10M in size. Also, note that zoom operation and HDR are not supported in the 64MP mode. In fact, for the average user, 16MP proofs can already meet most of the needs.


By contrast, we can easily find that the exposure of 64MP proofs is slightly insufficient, the color is deeper, and the 16MP default proofs on the right side are normal. Of course, the power of 64MP proofs still needs to be enlarged. Higher pixels mean higher resolution and more detail.

The Three Cameras sets of 64MP proofs here. Even if the picture is 100% enlarged, the proofs still retain a lot of details, such as the enlarged grass, keychain, and railings in the picture below, at 16 million or 12 million proofs. In it, it is difficult to get such a rich sample of the details, but in the 64MP straight out of the sample, it can be said that it is almost complete.

The large aperture also makes the mobile phone have excellent background blurring ability. As you can see in the above picture, the proof has a good depth of field effect, and the transition between the edge of the shot railing and the blurred background is natural and comfortable, without any late maps. trace.

In terms of night shooting, the performance of OPPO K5 is basically in line with the expected performance. The overall brightness of the sample is natural and the picture is relatively pure, but the suppression of highlights requires further optimization space.

After turning on the super night scene, the most obvious change is that the dark part of the picture is brighter. Let’s zoom in (below). After the super night scene is turned on, the phone number on the high-rise window sill is brighter and clearer.

It may be due to the engineering machine. When I use K5 to turn on the super night scene shooting, I occasionally have a “turning phenomenon”. For example, in the red frame below, it is obvious that the brightness of the sky is not uniform, and some noise marks appear on the edge of the picture. Considering the engineering machine, this phenomenon does not represent universality. I hope the K5 retail version will solve this problem.

In fact, most of the ordinary proofs can be satisfied, of course, you can also enter the professional mode, simply adjust the parameters, you can take a satisfactory night view, after all, the hardware foundation is here, 64 million main photos With a 1/1.72-inch outsole sensor, the 4-in-1 pixel aggregation technology has better low-light performance.

Performance & Experience

The OPPO K5 is equipped with the OPPO Reno2 Snapdragon 730G processor. This processor was released in April this year. It is an upgraded version of the Snapdragon 710. It is the first to adopt the Samsung 8nm LPP process. The core uses 2xKryo 470(A76)+6xKryo. The 470 (A55) construction has a frequency of 2.2 GHz and 1.8 GHz, respectively, which is 35% better than the Snapdragon 710. The GPU is upgraded to Adreno 618. In terms of AI, the Snapdragon 730 integrates the latest Heagon 688 DSP.

The Snapdragon 730G is specially optimized for the game. The integrated enhanced Adreno 618 GPU has a 15% faster graphics rendering speed compared to the Snapdragon 730, and the Snapdragon Elite Gaming feature has been added.

OPPO K5 other configuration aspects, including up to 8GB + 256GB of large memory and LPDDR4x + UFS 2.1 high-speed storage combination, the official said LPDDR4x dual-channel memory can achieve peak performance increased by 15%, energy efficiency increased by 14%; UFS 2.1 flash memory for random write performance 63.66%, continuous read performance increased by 26.64%.

Because of the engineering machine, this K5 in the hands of the author can not install any running software, so this part does not list the specific data, focusing on the specific feelings in the game and daily use.

Considering that the same Snapdragon 730G processor is equipped with Reno2, in theory, the K5 game experience is similar to that of Reno2. In our actual experience, the performance of K5 is in line with expectations, in the “Elite of Peace” default painting Under the quality, the game of 30 minutes, the average is 29FPS, the overall stability is stable, of course, you can also reduce the quality of a grade, and pursue the 40FPS experience.

In the “Glory of the Kings” game, after opening the high frame rate mode and the highest picture quality, the maximum can reach 61FPS, and the whole process is basically stable at around 55-60FPS. In fact, it is difficult for the naked eye to feel the fluctuation of these frame rates.

Overall, the performance of the Snapdragon 730G is still good, although it is not comparable to the flagship SoCs such as the Kirin 990 and the Snapdragon 855, in daily use, it is more than enough to handle such things as the “Glory of the King”. Eating a chicken, the last king is also very easy.

On the other hand, as a mid-range product, the Snapdragon 730G is also the most suitable and most cost-effective choice for the OPPO K5. After all, the Snapdragon 730G is the top position in the Qualcomm mid-range processor camp, and the K5 is equipped with the Snapdragon. The 855 processor is obviously not very suitable for its own positioning, and it is inevitable to let its own Reno2.

With hardware blessing, you also need excellent system optimization to get the best gaming experience, just like a car, with a powerful high-powered engine, you need a smarter gearbox to get the best. Driving experience.

OPPO’s GameBoost 2.0 game acceleration technology and LinkBoost network acceleration technology can be regarded as the smart “gearbox” of K5 mobile phone. The TouchBoost technology equipped with GameBoost 2.0 game acceleration technology can greatly improve the response speed of the touch screen and increase the desktop touch performance by 34.9%. King’s glory game touch performance increased by 16.2%; while FrameBoost can predict the upcoming team battle, the king’s glory frame rate stability increased by 35.6%, the Karton probability decreased by 50%.

LinkBoost network acceleration technology also supports dual WI-Fi, which can connect two Wi-Fi hotspots at the same time to achieve network speed multiplication and seamless switching.


OPPO officially released 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 and 30W wireless VOOC flash charging technology. At the same time, it also announced that VOOC flash charging has evolved to version 4.0. Compared with VOOC 3.0, VOOC 4.0 has greater charging power ( 30W).

OPPO K5 is the first OPPO phone equipped with VOOC 4.0 flash charging technology. Officially, it can charge 4000mAh battery to 67% in 30 minutes, and charge to 100% in 73 minutes, which is 12% shorter than the previous generation technology.

OPPO K5 in just 20 minutes, you can charge the battery from 1% to 50%, full 100% only takes 70 minutes to go around, especially in the first 30 minutes, K5 charging speed is very fast It is almost visible growth. It is understood that VOOC 4.0 flash charging technology also has good compatibility, compatible with all-flash charging protocols before VOOC 3.0, can get 5V4A (20W) full load charging power.

Overall, the OPPO K5’s built-in 4000mAh capacity battery guarantees battery life, while the VOOC 4.0 flash charging technology solves the worry that the phone will be out of power. With breakfast time, you can easily get a full day of power.

In addition, VOOC 4.0 flash charging technology can also achieve fast charging while playing, and the phonedoes not appear in the process of charging during the heating process, this must be praised.

OPPO K5 also supports full-featured NFC, which can realize functions such as bus card, OPPO Pay, access control card, and electronic ID card. It is worth mentioning that OPPO bus card city has once again ushered in expansion, and currently supports Shenzhen Tong, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei card. Lingnantong and other 150+ cities across the country.

Verdict & Buy

Although OPPO K5 is not a flagship phone, I prefer to position it as OPPO “small flagship”, because whether it is OPPO K5 camera photo or performance experience, even the video super anti-shake technology, etc., you are Can find the shadow of the flagship machine on the K5 mobile phone.

On the other hand, OPPO will use the K5 as the first model of the 64 million camera and VOOC 4.0 flash charging technology. It is not difficult to see that the K series has become more and more important in the entire OPPO family. Since the beginning of this year, the mobile phone market has once again entered the price war, and various cost-effective models have emerged one after another. OPPO has launched such a model (K series), which can be seen as the response of OPPO to the ever-changing mobile phone market.

Undoubtedly, the K series breaks the industry’s inherent understanding and definition of OPPO. Under the blessing of software and hardware such as 64MP four-shot, VOOC 4.0, Gameboost 2.0, dual Wi-Fi, video super anti-shake, OPPO K5 Already highly competitive, OPPO K5 is also a very cost-effective model for consumers.

OPPO K5 Prices:

There are three versions of Oppo K5 mobile phones, namely 6GB+128GB, 8GB+128GB, 8GB+256GB, and the price is 1899 yuan, 2099 yuan, 2499 yuan.

On October 10th, from 16:00 to 18:00, you can grab 100 yuan to reduce the coupon, 6GB+128GB version, and 8GB+128GB version down 100 yuan, the price is 1799 yuan and 1999 yuan.


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