OPPO LiFi Smartphone Exposure, Special Emitting lights Provided on Top and Back


It follows online revelations that the OPPO brand plans to put LiFi technology into mobile phones. Recently, OPPO, a mobile phone equipped with this technology, exposed its rendering with a full-screen design and a rear camera arranged in portrait. The best thing about the phone, of course, is that it has LiFi technology.

According to images posted online, OPPO plans to put LiFi leds on the top and back of the phone to make it easier to transmit and receive signals. However, some netizens said that the design of the LiFi LED on the top or the back of the phone may affect the protection of the phone, and they don’t like this design a lot. What do you think about that?

LiFi is a wireless LAN technology that is theoretically hundreds of times faster than WiFi. However, the technology also has a fatal flaw, without light, the signal cannot travel or becomes less capable of transmission. In addition, LiFi has a transmission distance of only about 10 meters, while WiFi technology can reach about 32 meters.

Source, LetsGoDigital


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