OPPO Pad 2 Launches from RMB2,999, $441


OPPO has released a new tablet, the OPPO Pad 2, which features a 7:5 golden ratio of flat screens and a Dimensity 9000 chip. The price starts at 2,999 yuan,$441.

OPPO Pad 2 is the first tablet screen with 7:5 golden ratio. Compared with other conventional 11.61-inch tablets, the display area increases by nearly 10% and is close to the traditional 12-inch display area, bringing a disruptive display efficiency.

2.8k 144Hz super HD brush screen, the visual effect is wide open. Whether in office, games or video, the performance is bright, can be called the flagship screen new benchmark.

The all-metal integrated body is as thin as 6.54mm, and the rounded mid-frame design is matched with customized 2.5D CG glass, making the appearance warm and thin, and the holding is more silky and comfortable. Light to 552 grams, light and convenient to carry. Exclusive star orbit scrub process, fine texture anti fingerprint.

In terms of performance, OPPO Pad2 is equipped with the powerful Guet 9000 chip, and the strength of millions of running points is super stable. It also supports non-inductive communication sharing, one step less operation, one step faster connection, close to the mobile phone second change 5G tablet.

In terms of battery life, OPPO Pad 2 is equipped with 9510mAh large battery, 67W super flash charge and self-developed ColorOS supercomputer platform for efficient adjustment, easily meeting the needs of a day’s office.

In order to increase productivity, OPPO Pad 2 provides OPPO intelligent touch keyboard, non-sensory pairing, one touch to use, touch pad unique gesture, mobile office more worry. OPPO Pencil has been updated with a delay as low as 2ms, a 240Hz ultra-high sampling rate and 4096 level pressure sensing. Pencil supports 0-60 degree side writing, and you can adjust the line effect by tilting the pencil peak.

In terms of price, OPPO Pad 2 is priced at 2,999 yuan for 8+256GB, 3,399 yuan for 12+256GB, and 3,999 yuan for 12+512GB, with a discount of 100 yuan for the first launch.


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