OPPO R11 Vs Nubia Z17 miniS Camera Shootout Review: Which Has Better Cameras?


Dual cameras are now becoming popular for top-of-the-line smartphones costing twice as much or more.LG first started experimenting with dual cameras on its G5 two lenses, but images not combined and later on its G6 and V20 flagship standard lens and a telephoto lens and combines the images into one. This style is most used now by Apple and the new Samsung Note 9.

Each says its combination of lens apertures, sizes, and sensors give the “best photo” but one thing is clear – they all dominate the high-end DxOMark scores. Huawei took the Leica route with its P9, Mate 9, P10 etc., and has an RGB (color) and mono sensor to capture detail and contrast and again combines the images into one. So today here we are sharing for you camera effects who most recommend users like between two new smartphones Nubia Z17miniS and OPPO R11.

OPPO R11 Camera Equipment and Features

The R11 is OPPO’s first model to sport a 20MP+16MP rear dual camera, as well as having a 20MP front-facing the camera, letting users capture images in perfect clarity. OPPO worked with Qualcomm to customise a flagship image processor for the R11, the 14-bit Qualcomm Spectra™ 160 ISP and optimised its performance on the Snapdragon™ 660 Mobile Platform. Together with its IMX398 sensor and a big f/1.7 aperture, the R11 boasts a faster focus speed than the earlier R9s model, with more vivid colors and better low light capabilities.

New software enhancements mean the R11’s rear dual camera provides a more natural bokeh effect. The R11 intelligently adjusts exposure levels between the portrait subjects and the background by automatically identifying more than 100 everyday scene settings. Users can automatically shoot clear and bright portraits in very different environments by simply activating the “Portrait” function on the camera.

R11 users can take flattering selfies with nude makeup effects, thanks to the foreground bokeh effect, the automatic HDR function, and intelligent skin tone beautification technology. Every portrait, either shot by the front camera or the rear camera, delivers an image of near-professional quality.

Nubia Z7miniS Camera Equipment and Features

The camera is the biggest highlight of the Nubia Z17MiniS smartphone. The device has two 13MP camera units on the rear, powered by Sony sensors. One of the two is an RGB sensor while the other is a monochrome sensor. The combination is meant to yield improved color combination in a photo. Photos captured from Nubia Z17MiniS camera are quite good but are not very impressive when seen on a larger display. The camera setup has a Sapphire glass protective lens on the sensor.

While the camera delivers good quality photos in the Auto Mode, there a number of modes and filters to choose from. We tested various modes and they all very well able to justify themselves. Our favorite mode happens to be portrait mode. The mode uses the certain algorithm to focus the selected area and blur the background.

The camera on the smartphone is powered by Nubia’s Neovision 6.0 technology that offers a lot of filters and modes for those who like to experiment with their photography. The modes offered include Multi Exposure, Light Painting, Electronic Aperture, Slow Shutter, Trajectory, Time Lapse, Slow Motion, Panorama, Macro, Mono, Zoom Blur and more. The camera is capable of recording 4K videos also, something that is usually not seen in midrange smartphones.

The selfie shooter on the front is even more powerful in terms of pixels. The 16MP camera sensor packs a 5P lens and an aperture of f/2.0 with on-screen flash. The selfies captured from Nubia Z17MiniS are crisp and very detailed. It also allows you to capture wider selfies with 80-degree wide angle lens.

OPPO R11 will automatically repair the white balance, improve the brightness, make the color More warmer and Nubia Z17miniS mobile phone effect although some of the dark, the overall details are close to the real scene. Because the weather was cloudy so this photos captured using by automatic mode of shooting.

This photos more clearly see, OPPO R11 overall color effect than the Nubia Z17miniS mobile phone effect more pleasing, because the local details of the light uneven, far better than R11 shooting more translucent, rather than Indoor gray muffled, but the effect of these two mobile phone shooting compared with the real or there is a gap, because the real effect of light in some light.

These pictures are used to do the portrait mode to do the test. Oppo R11 color looks very bright and beautiful, the color tone is very happy and Nubia Z17miniS is not bad, close to the real color, sharpness is very high. These two phones are the protagonist of the background are perfect to the virtual, but the color is very different. we can also be seen as the depth of field mode. In the plant blur on a lot of mobile phones will appear locally not perfect, especially in the petal margin area.

This pictures more interesting, and that Nubia Z17miniS sensitive automatic identification of fast, and the effect is very close to the micro single, but zoom in detail Will find some details do not blur in place, especially in the hands of books and hair appeared a small flaw. In this regard on the background of the Nubia Z17miniS in the portrait mode of the virtual ability is very good, in the blurring ability can be part of the SLR, but the gap between the two products is mainly reflected in the different sensitivity. The OPPO R11 can do portraits, with the same angle, with a distance, And it’s portrait mode did not appear depth of field virtual reaction, the need to distance with the characters and then a big step to activate the depth of field virtual, no manual operation, the current back to the wall, and the space is limited, so it has not caught this Handsome point.

These groups are mainly for the “indoor more complex light shooting”, opened the virtual depth of field effect. Nubia Z17miniS virtual effect is not particularly natural, a kind of deliberately deal with the sense of effect, can clearly see the flower, flower wrapped edge is blurred a little over, at least the overall color close to the real effect. Among them, OPPO R11 blossom of the flower office is very clear and visible, the overall details of the virtual more natural, but a slight gap between the color and real, real is not warm light. portrait mode is the name suggests is optimized for the characters, but both are identified when the error, each phone cannot be done on the virtual To 100% degree of blur, more or less or some small flaws. And the macro mode and portrait mode some similarities is to reflect the depth of field effect. Macro mode will be on the edge of the object recognition, and then highlight the edge of the virtual background.

This photo is actually making a large test, Nubia Z17miniS shot out of the effect is relatively wide, making the effect of the atmosphere level, but the color is too cold, light bulbs on the natural, more atmosphere. And the automatic mode of shooting, the overall look more effective R11, but the same angle, with a distance, shoot out the effect is not wide enough, the light on the light source is not natural enough.

These photos mainly for indoor light source complex circumstances. Oppo R11 is indeed better in the night some of the support for optical image stabilization, although the addition of warm and bright effect processing, indeed in this scene looks very comfortable, more detailed details of the characters, the overall details are bright, there is a sense of hierarchy.many camera phones in this environment is difficult to shoot the overall satisfaction of the results. Nubia Z17 miniS no optical image stabilization of the Mishap is more obvious, some people appeared a small smear, but the color is not really easy to please.

These photos mainly test the overall effect of night shooting, Oppo R11 overall picture quality performance is also good, but unfortunately is too dependent on the rich color rendering, this color it has a benefit that does not require third-party repair software, suitable for lazy white.in the absence of strong light, Nubia Z17miniS overall imaging performance is still worthy of recognition. Quality light and dark parts can be a good show, the color close to the real effect, the photographic level of the user will like the real color style.

If you like the automatic identification of fool, easy to use recommended Oppo R11 mobile phone; if you like the camera function is very rich and versatile, unique NeoVision image system portrait is more prominent, recommended Nubia Z17miniS Mobile phone.These two phones through the camera test sample comparison point of view, before and after the composition of the two-shot “four photos” is Nubia Z17miniS new features, large aperture, and the black and white camera is a double-shot proprietary features, rich camera family camera function, The public users can also shoot professional-grade photos. The OPPO R11 camera performance is very strong, the overall effect of those who hate the cumbersome operation of the user is preferred, do not need third-party software for processing.

Above is the Nubia Z17miniS  and OPPO R11 which is good?  OPPO R11 and Nubia Z17 miniS different contrast evaluation of the contents of the introduction, more content, please continue to pay attention to the wisdom of official website.

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