OPPO R19 New Phone? Snapdragon 7150 Specification Large Exposure: 8nm+A76


OPPO mobile phones have been focusing on the field of photography, and the camera performance of mobile phones is still very good. The aspect is also very popular among young people. In addition, OPPO frequently advertises in various variety shows, and it is also very good in the offline channels of OPPO in the third- and fourth-tier cities. In general, OPPO phones are selling well every year. Steady: OPPO R19 exposure real phone design, design; no borders; front double camera; screen fingerprint!

In terms of configuration, OPPO R19 may launch the Qualcomm Snapdragon 6150/7150/8150 processor. Although it is not the Snapdragon 845 or the rumored Snapdragon 855, the OPPO never wins by performance. This year’s OPPO Find X has given us a lot of surprises, so the authenticity of the rendered image of this group of OPPO R19 is still very high.

According to the news of several digital bloggers, the Snapdragon 7150 will adopt the same Samsung 8nm LPP FinFET process as the Exynos 9820. It consists of two A76 cores and six A55 small cores. Of course, the final name is Kryo 4, the frequency is 2.2GHz, but the GPU upgrade is less powerful. The overall performance is certainly better than the Snapdragon 710.

In addition to the performance improvement, the combination of the Snapdragon 7150 and the Android P system will also have a good performance in terms of the fluency of the daily use of the system.

The Snapdragon 7150 will remain positioned at the mid to high end, which will provide a smoother system and gaming experience for offline manufacturers with higher premiums and continue the 660, 670, 675 and 710 of the Snapdragon. A cost-effective route, so it is suitable for products with a price of 3,000 yuan ($432.39). Models such as OPPO R19 and vivo X25, which will be launched next year, may consider this platform.

For Internet vendors, the Snapdragon 7150 can complement the flagship product line between the flagship and the thousand yuan phone, so there will be more mid-to-high-end products for higher cost performance. For example, the hammer nut Pro series, the Xiaomi SE series, the Meizu X series, and other products may use the chip.

Overall, the positioning of the Snapdragon 7150 will remain between the Snapdragon 710 and the Snapdragon 8150, for some users who are not so demanding on the processor, rarely run large games, and do not like to run the game. The Snapdragon 7150 is believed to be a very balanced mobile processor. The new machine equipped with this platform may be one of the preferred products for this part of the user, because its performance is not weak, and the price is fully acceptable even for the student population.

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Recently, the online exposure of a set of OPPO full-screen new renderings, this phone actually uses the design of the screen lens. The double lens at the top of the screen has a hollow design, which can guarantee the integrity of the screen to the greatest extent. The current full-screen mobile phone has not said that it can punch holes on the screen. Before there were rumors that Samsung mastered the technology of screen opening, now from the OPPO rendering, OPPO should have mastered this technology.

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