Oppo R9 Is The Top Selling Smartphone For June 2016 In China


Counterpoint, a market research firm, has released the top performing smartphone brands for June 2016. The firm also revealed the top selling phones in the Chinese market for June 2016 and surprisingly the Oppo R9 tops the list.


Looking at the stats for the smartphone brands, it is surprising how Oppo has gone from a brand which had less than 10% of the market in June 2014 and June 2015 to having 22.9% of the market which is more than what Samsung, Xiaomi, and Apple pulled for the month combined.

Xiaomi which had roughly 15% of the market last year, dropped by more than half this year. Another winner is Vivo who has moved from having less than 10% to grabbing 17.4% of the market.

Here Is The List Of Top Selling Smartphone In June 2016



For the top selling smartphones, the Oppo R9 is the best selling phone followed closely by Apple’s iPhone 6s, and LeEco’s Le 2  at the third position. Apple phones are still much loved in China as we can see that the iPhone 6s Plus and the iPhone SE released back in March makes it to the list at the 4th and 6th position respectively.

However Xiaomi is the only other company that has 3 phones on the list: having the Redmi Note 3 at No.7, the Mi 5 at No.9 and the Redmi 3 at No.10.


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