OPPO R9s Should Release on October 19 Confirmed By 3C Certification


According to previous news, OPPO R9S will be possible to come out in October, right now we got some proof. Recently, from National Quality Certification Center has shown that OPPO R9S has got the 3C certification, the power adapter model will be same as OPPO R9 km, so it is full of mystery about whether OPPO R9S is equipped with VOOC super quick charge.


But earlier before we have got the news from experts that OPPO R9S will be first to support VOOC super quick charge, the main feature is that it can support 10 hours phone calling with charging in 5 minutes. It only takes 15 minutes to charge the phone with 2500mAh battery full.


Right now there is no real photo about OPPO R9S design, so we don’t know what kind of change that OPPO R9s will have. But it is said there will be no white antenna on its back that uses the patent design of OPPO in March applied for this year.


In addition, OPPO R9S this time will use Snapdragon 625 processor. Meanwhile, it will have the real bezel-less ID design, RAM 6GB, UFS 2.0 fast storage. The camera will add the chipset OIS technology. But the reliability of this kind of rumor is not so real, after all, it is the upgraded version of OPPO R9. It can’t change too much in its design.

Because OPPO R9S has acquired 3C certification, according to the previous experience, it will come out soon. But someone claims that OPPO R9S will be released in October, and it should be on October 19. Stay tuned.


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