OPPO Reno 6 Series Review: Dimensity 900 is The Beauty of Phone


The newly upgraded Oppo Reno 6 series is even more so. It has upgraded this year’s new processor and also brought a technical upgrade to the back shell of the mobile phone. We all know that the Reno series is updated very quickly, but every time it is updated It can bring us different surprises, especially in appearance design, which can definitely be said to be a threshold for the aesthetics of the current mobile phone appearance design.

The specific configuration parameters of Reno 6 Pro and OPPO Reno6 Pro+ are as follows:


There are two OPPO Reno 6 models that the author received this time, namely Oppo Reno 6 Pro and Reno6 Pro+. Both models are also 12+256G top-equipped versions, so all the following content uses these two configurations as examples.

There is nothing to say about the outer packaging box. The OPPO still has a very representative cuboid box. Because the two phones are only different in the core configuration, the size of the packaging box is exactly the same. You can even swap the packaging for the two phones. The box can also be placed perfectly.
The standard accessories of the two mobile phones are very rich: charger, data cable, clear water shell, card pin, and three packs of certificates are all available, and you can use them when you get them.

The front screen part of the two mobile phones is also exactly the same. Both are equipped with a 6.5-inch OLED high-sensitivity curved screen, which supports a 90Hz refresh and a high touch sampling rate of 180Hz, and a single-hole design in the upper left corner. This is also the mainstream of mobile phone screens. Level up.

It is particularly worth mentioning that the curved curvature of the screens of the Reno6 Pro and Pro+ mobile phones is very comfortable. It is curved in touch and vision, but in actual use, there is no worry about the false touch of the curved-screen at all, so use It also looks very smooth, and it is one of the most comfortable curved screens I have ever used.

The rear lens is the biggest difference between the two phones. Although they are both three-shot, the specific configuration is different. Oppo Reno 6 Pro is equipped with a 64-megapixel water-light portrait four-camera system. The four lenses are 64MP main cameras + 8MP super wide-angle + 2MP retro portrait + 2MP macro.

In addition to the specific lens configuration, the two phones also have a slight difference in the module design of the rear lens. The Reno6 Pro+ also adds a color temperature sensor to the flash position, while the Reno6 Pro only has a dual color temperature flash, the top version The hardware of the Reno6 Pro+ camera is obviously stronger to meet the needs of cutting-edge users.

In terms of the material of the back shell, OPPO has brought a brand new Crystal Diamond 3.0 process this time. This is the first back shell technology in the industry since Reno4. We also remember that this can bring a new look to the back shell of mobile phones since Reno4. Feel the color scheme.

The new Crystal Diamond Craft 3.0 takes the sparkling sea surface in summer as its creative inspiration and reproduces the beautiful color that can only be expected and unspeakable on the back shell of the Reno6 Pro phone. When you hold this phone At the time, it was like holding the sun-paved sea surface in midsummer, and it was full of beauty and youth.

At the same time, another benefit of this rear case technology is that it does not stain fingerprints and has a thin and light feel. The thickness of the Reno6 Pro mobile phone is only 7.6mm and the weight is only 177g. This is enough for many people to call it “light and thin” in the current mobile phone market. The phone is ashamed.


Oppo Reno 6 Pro and Reno6 Pro+ In addition to the difference in the core processor, the other biggest difference is the configuration on the lens. The specific lens parameters already have detailed data in the first chapter, so I won’t repeat them here, let’s take a look at the comparison proofs directly. In the daytime samples, the comparison between the sample processing of the two phones will actually be more obvious on the screen of the phone. After all, each phone screen is different.


leaves, the picture of Oppo Reno 6 Pro+ is colder, so it looks clearer, while Reno6 Pro is obviously warmer, which can also be seen at the end of the leaves, including the overall tone will be more obvious Some, but the same thing is that their resolution is basically equal, even if you zoom in to see the texture on the leaves are clearly visible.

The contrast difference of another large building is very small, but it can still be seen that the overall sample texture of Reno6 Pro+ will be better, after all, the price is also there. Both Reno6 Pro and Reno6 Pro+ cameras support up to 20x digital zoom. The actual imaging results are as follows:

Wide Angle

At the maximum 20x zoom, the photos are basically zoomed in and cropped, and there is not much valuable content to compare, so there is no 20x zoom comparison. If you can see it, 10x The zoom is already at the limit.


One of the main selling points of the Reno series has always been taking pictures, and now it has advanced from taking pictures to video, and the rejuvenating portrait video has always been the key upgrade of the Reno series in the past two years, so when choosing an excellent camera + video phone, The Reno series is definitely a model that cannot be ignored.


The night scene mode is definitely a very eye-catching point of the Reno series. It can always surprise you from the phone screen when you click the shutter. Let’s take a look at the sample. The night scene mode is not turned on in the left picture, and the night scene mode is turned on in the right picture.


The comparison sample ofOppo Reno 6 Pro+ night scene mode is more obvious. The overall image of Reno6 Pro+ is better than Reno6 Pro, whether it is turned on or not. However, considering the price difference between the two, it should be a bit different. That’s right.

In a better light environment, the two phones are more different in tone and style, while in the other set of very low light, the strength can be seen. Reno6 Pro+ is not turned on and the night scene mode is turned on. Can show a very good sense of proofs, not only the picture is bright, but the details are not smeared.

Hardware & Performance

Friends who know a little about mobile phones know that OPPO’s Reno series replaces the “five minutes charging and two-hour talk” R series that was on fire that year. This series of mobile phones has always focused on offline markets and trends, and more The focus is on the upgrade of the body material and design, not the performance, so in terms of running points, you can actually describe it like this. Those who want to buy this phone will not look at the running scores, and those who look at the running scores will not want to buy this phone. That’s the truth.

However, as a professional mobile phone score organization, since it has received a new phone, even if it is not based on running scores, of course, it has to run for scores. On the configuration version of the two mobile phones I have, both of them are 12+256G top configuration. The difference is the processor. Let’s see how their running scores are.

According to the AnTuTu V9 running test, Reno6 Pro has a running score of 694593 points, a storage test score of 69207 points, a CPU score of 182982 points, and a GPU score of 237406 points. In terms of storage, the reading speed reached 2027.4MB/s. , The writing speed reached 1240.8MB/s.

Another Oppo Reno 6 Pro+ has a running score of 710700 points, a storage test score of 58407 points, a CPU score of 188828 points, and a GPU score of 243110 points. In terms of storage, the reading speed has reached 1752.4MB/s and the writing speed has reached 773.7MB/s. The core processors of the two phones are different. One is MediaTek’s flagship and the other is Qualcomm’s flagship. MediaTek’s flagship does not yet support LPDDR5, so in the final score presentation, the super-large Reno6 Pro+ will naturally be higher.
In addition, this time ColorOS also brings memory fusion technology. In the settings-about mobile phone option, you can see clearly that the running memory shows a combination of 12GB+3GB. The advantage of this is that the mobile phone runs out of memory. The storage can be divided into parts of the running memory so that the phone can run more smoothly.

The running points fall back to the running points. In the actual experience of using the two phones, unless it is a very high-intensity game use and stress test, there will be no difference, so you can buy it according to your own use when you choose. After all, in terms of appearance, the Reno series has never lost.
Fourth, games and batteries.

Oppo Reno 6 Pro and Reno 6 Pro+ are also the same in terms of battery capacity, the same 4500mAh battery, the charging power is the same, both are OPPO’s 65W super flash charge, so in the game experience, it can reflect the processor more The differences brought about by different aspects.

After the author’s personality test, after 30 minutes of game time in “Peace Elite”, the battery of Reno6 Pro has been reduced from 40% to 31%, and the power loss is 9%. In terms of game quality, it only supports the maximum number of frames, so it is not With a 90Hz experience, MediaTek’s flagship processor this year is well controlled in terms of power consumption and heat generation, so 9% of the power consumption in half an hour is reasonable.

Reno6 Pro+ is also a 30-minute “Peace Elite” game test. The battery capacity is reduced from 100% to 89%, and the power consumption is 11%. The game quality is the same as Reno6 Pro. At this time, it is obvious which one can be seen. The power consumption of the processor is greater, but the high power consumption and high heat generation are also one of the traditional “abilities” of Qualcomm Snapdragon for many years. The Snapdragon 870 has already handled this aspect better. In the test of another game “Yuan Shen”, the same 30 minutes of game time, after the picture quality is turned to the highest and the limit and the 60Hz refresh rate, Reno6 Pro consumes 14% of power, and Reno6 Pro+ consumes 13% of the power. At this time It’s interesting, because the Snapdragon 870 pulled back around here, and it was even better than MediaTek in terms of power consumption.

And in the game experience, the scene transfer brought by the Snapdragon 870 and the battle in the multiplayer scene is obviously smoother. MediaTek will still have obvious lag here, but as the screen becomes smoother, Reno6 Pro+ phones The heat of the rear shell will also be much higher, and overall there are gains and losses.

In terms of game testing, it must be said that because the game scene of each game will definitely be different, it may also be because of the different power consumption caused by this. This is also a normal phenomenon, so there is no need for this one at all. The power gap of% or 2% is too real. As long as the game experience and the smoothness of the screen can meet personal needs, it means that it is already one of the reasons for buying the machine. In terms of charging, the battery capacity and charging power of the two mobile phones and the included charging kit is exactly the same, so here is only the charging test of one mobile phone.

Reno 6 Pro+ plugs into the official standard charging kit for charging with 1% remaining power. It takes a total of 31 minutes to fully charge the 4500mAh battery, and it can be charged to 47% in 10 minutes, which is nearly half. It is no problem to quickly return blood in daily life.

5. OPPO ENCO Free 2

With the release of Reno6 Pro and Reno6 Pro+, OPPO has also brought a new wireless noise reduction headset OPPO Enco Free2. This month is very interesting. Several major manufacturers have brought this year’s new flagship noise-canceling headphones, and OPPO’s product this time is a very representative one.

At the beginning of the month, OPPO brought Enco Air. The low price and excellent design have captured a lot of users who have wireless earphones who are hesitant. After all, appearance is the first productivity. If you add an excellent appearance, then It’s the icing on the cake. As a representative of mid-to-high-end headphones, OPPO Enco Free2 also did a very good job this time.

First of all, a lot of “hard power” of this headset has been marked on the outside of the box. It supports in-depth personalized noise reduction adjustment, supports Bluetooth 5.2 low-latency dual transmission, and can bring up to 30 hours of music. At the same time, it also combined with Tanner for tuning.
Having coveted Dynaudio Audio for many years, I finally had the opportunity to experience the charm of this old music manufacturer.

First of all, in terms of wearing feeling, OPPO Enco Free2 adopts an in-ear design. This is an appearance that noise reduction headphones cannot avoid. It is difficult to coexist with noise reduction in semi-in-ear earphones. Fortunately, OPPO Enco Free2 is very comfortable to wear. The discomfort of ear swelling can be worn for a long time. In the previous official warm-up, a picture was given that the noise reduction depth of this headset is at least 35dB or more. What is this concept? In the current noise reduction headphones, the highest is only 40dB, and the noise reduction figure of OPPO Enco Free2 has reached a terrifying 42dB, which may be the first. The actual listening experience is to press and hold the earphone for about one second in a closed environment similar to subway noise, and when the three words “noise reduction on” come from the earphone, the female voice is melodious. , The whole world is clean.

However, this is only suitable for environments where there is no movement. If you are riding a bicycle or walking, it is better to keep pressing the headset for one second and switching to the transparent mode. After all, this world still needs noise to remind yourself of your existence. of.

Then there is the music aspect. At present, the Dynaudio tuning products that I can see on the electronic products in the country, in addition to several OPPO headphones, are the Xiaopeng P7 electric car, and Dynaudio may not have that reputation as a company. The big old acoustic factory has always had a unique weight in the author’s mind.

In the sense of hearing, OPPO Enco Free2 uses a 10mm moving coil unit, which is large enough. OPPO itself started as an mp3 and Blu-ray player. There is no doubt that the acoustic accumulation technology for many years is undoubted. This time I also found a Tanner blessing. This directly leads to a complete improvement in the sound of OPPO Enco Free2 by an order of magnitude.

In the audition piece, the author chose Zhao Cong’s “Chunjiang Huayueye”. This piece is based on folk music, the arrangement is atmospheric, the overall sound field is magnificent and graceful, and the human voice is taken into account, so the author thinks that it is more effective. Highlight the characteristics of audio products.

The opening of the pipa is very simple, slightly mechanical, it is of the kind that can be heard is analog, rather than the real pipa playing, and the interrupted part of the erhu group that enters the climax for a moment, the middle-range part of folk music has a sense of power It broke out, and at the same time the sound field reached its highest point here, and I could hear the kind of goosebumps all over my body.
The percussion + vocal ensemble in the latter part is also relatively stable, not very obtrusive, and also shows the magnificence of this piece. After listening to the overall, I feel that OPPO Enco Free2 will prefer some mid-part instruments and vocals. Listening to brighter strings may be dry and feel inflexible. However, the current product has either software support. Self-adjusting EQ or the earphone can also adjust the sound direction, so you can adjust the sound direction according to your own preferences after purchasing.

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Talking about OPPO’s Reno series, the first thing that comes to your mind is definitely the characteristics of color matching, material, and appearance design. At the same time, it also has a very fast iteration time. As a fashion product, the season is actually changed. It is equivalent to changing the phone, and the iteration time of almost a quarter is also the update time of the fashion trend. Potential users of the Reno series are very fond of this set. After all, their needs for mobile phones have never been for the performance, screen, and fast charging of us big bosses, but just this mobile phone in hand. Not worthy of your own clothes, even this phone simply looks good or not, it’s that simple. But this is the case, OPPO still put a lot of flagship machine things and configurations on the Reno6 series, so that it not only has an excellent appearance and feel but also has the performance that can be a battle.

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