Oppo Reno Review: New Camera Design, Nearly 100% Panoramic Screen Stunning


In recent years, the competition of mobile phone manufacturers has been fierce to almost a battle. Everyone is also an Android system, the same chip, the same screen, how to make the difference in the same is what mobile phone manufacturers are trying to do now.

In order to promote the products of his own, Shen Yiren, vice president of OPPO, became a digital blogger. Has been on the Weibo for Reno propaganda. The question on the Weibo on the Weibo is a question and answer, and the comment interaction has also evolved into a press conference.

Reno is a new series of OPPO homes, officially released on April 10, 2019. OPPO’s official positioning of Reno is the flagship. So, as a first-generation product, can it be amazing as the original Find X?

The attention of Peoples comes from many aspects, and a large part of the reason is the stunning appearance of OPPO Find X. The OPPO Find X, which was released last year, uses a two-track periscope structure to automatically raise and lower the lens so that the screen has a screen ratio of 93.8% without any abnormal shape and no opening. The newly released Reno continues to maintain its advantage, with a new side-slewing structure that allows the screen to account for up to 93.1%. In the field of full screens, OPPO can be said to have been at the forefront.

We have already tested the OPPO Reno 10x zoom version. Recently, we have experienced the OPPO Reno standard. In terms of hardware configuration, the OPPO Reno standard version is the same as the 10x zoom version except for the CPU chip. But in terms of price, there is a discount of up to 1,000 yuan, so what is the performance of this OPPO Reno standard version? Let’s take a look at our actual experience article.

Design & Appearance

OPPO Reno showed another way of using a mechanically structured full screen with a screen ratio of 93.1% and a surface covering the sixth generation of Corning Gorilla Glass. In order to achieve a full screen, OPPO Reno uses a side-rotating mechanical lifting structure. When you open the front camera, the forehead camera part is unscrewed. The front camera and fill light, as well as the rear flash and handset, are housed.

When the side-spinning structure is unscrewed and screwed in, the mechanical structure will emit a squeaking sound similar to the tape scrolling, and the sound is very slight, which sounds full of science and technology. In use, if you press the screw out part, the side spin structure will be pressed back.

There is no need to worry about the durability of the Reno side-scrolling structure. The structure can achieve a life expectancy of more than 200,000 times. If the user uses the self-timer and the flash 20 times a day, the side-scrolling structure can be used continuously for more than 27 years. Obviously, like a normal person, we don’t have to worry about using more than this number.

The lifting time of the Reno side-scrolling structure can be raised quickly in 0.8 seconds. When you unlock your face, if you don’t pay attention to the top of the phone, you won’t feel the waiting process. Coupled with fast screen fingerprinting, you may be more willing to experience safer and faster screen fingerprints, which also reduces the number of mechanical structures used.

The OPPO Reno Standard Edition features a 6.4-inch full screen with a resolution of 2340×1080. Adopting Corning’s sixth-generation gorilla glass next-generation AMOLED screen illuminant, power consumption is reduced by 8%, TÜV Rheinland’s low-light eye protection certification, screen blue filter is higher than 56%, long time does not hurt the eye, for those who like to watch electronic Books and people who play with mobile phones at night are good news.

The OPPO Reno uses gradient colors, which are divided into four types: black night, fog sea green, mist powder, and nebula purple. The picture shows the fog sea green version, which seems to be suitable for describing the deep green.

It looks a bit fascinating under the light. The back is symmetrical, and the camera and logo are stored on the central axis. A complete 3D curved glass covers the rear double shot, the lens has no bumps, and the visual appearance is seamless, and the face value can give a high score.

Because of the mechanical structure, the screen ratio has been greatly improved, and because the mechanical components are embedded, the fuselage becomes a bit thick. This is not obvious in the standard version. The weight of the 10x optical zoom’s flagship version has reached 210 grams, and you can feel the obvious pressure on your hand. For girls with small hands, the 185-gram standard version should be more appropriate.

It is worth mentioning that Reno has retained the 3.5mm headphone jack. Most of the newly released mobile phones are now canceled, but most of the headphones that people buy today are 3.5mm interfaces, and the popularity of wireless headphones is also It still takes time.

If you have used a mobile phone that only retains the type-c interface, have you ever experienced it, takes out your mobile phone on the subway or train, and plan to bring your headphones to yourself for a while, then you will remember the headset. Brought, you borrowed a friend’s earphones and found that there is still a lack of adapters, all the beautiful fantasy has become a bubble, the heart’s depressed and irritated moments magnified dozens of times.

Hardware & Performance

The OPPO Reno standard version uses the mid-to-high end processor Snapdragon 710. Today we are evaluating the 6GB+256GB standard version. Xiaolong 710 is also a generation of God U, the power and performance balance is very good.


Antutu is the world’s number one mobile phone/tablet hardware performance evaluation tool, which can comprehensively examine the performance of all aspects of the device including the user experience, and visualize the ranking. Support multiple mainstream platforms, running points can be compared across platforms.

OPPO Reno Standard Edition Ann Bunny’s running score is 156,295. The CPU score is 59597 and the GPU score is 49381.

Master Lu test

Master Lu can evaluate and compare the five core hardwares of CPU, GPU, RAM, storage and display, which is suitable for ordinary white users to understand mobile phone related information. Master Lu’s running score is 207,631, the CPU score is 96,909, and the GPU score is 55,406.

GFXBench Test

GFXBench is a cross-platform, cross-API 3D benchmarking software that accurately reflects the graphics performance of the device’s GPU. There are multiple test scenarios to fully examine the OpenGL ES graphics performance of the device and enable battery life testing.

The GPU performance is between 660 and 821, but because of the GPU addition, the overall experience is much stronger.

PC Mark test

The final score of the OPPO Reno Standard Edition is 6466 points, which is comparable to the previous Snapdragon 835 equipment.

Androbench and application open speed test

AndroBench is a benchmark application that measures the 4K random storage and storage performance of Android devices, including internal or external storage.

UFS2.1 is used for internal storage, which has a certain improvement in reading/write speed compared to the previous UFS2.0. Intuitively, the feeling is that the mobile app is installed and opened faster. The read and write speeds are 465.06MB/s and 201.4MB/s respectively.

In the final analysis, all the data depends on the actual hand experience of the mobile phone. We have selected 12 everyday applications. After clearing all the daemons, they are opened sequentially, and the total time is 1 minute and 21 seconds. The second time is open, all applications are a hot start, and it takes 29 seconds. This has been able to meet most of our usual application scenarios.

During the subsequent game testing, try switching back and forth between the app and the desktop multiple times. The feeling is still relatively silky. Even for a mobile game like eating chicken, there is almost no carton.

Coming into the hot summer, if the temperature control of the mobile phone is not enough, your mobile phone will become a baked sweet potato. It is too hot in your hand and thrown on the ground is too expensive. The temperature has risen to thirty degrees in the past few days, and the daily use of the mobile phone does not feel a significant temperature rise. However, it can still feel the back heat when charging and outdoor use for a long time.


On the rear camera, OPPO Reno Standard Edition uses a rear AI smart dual camera – a 48 megapixel Sony IMX586 sensor camera and a 5-megapixel depth of field camera. The front camera is 16 million, supplemented by a pre-soft light.

Daytime Proofs

The Reno Standard Edition uses the same main sensor as the 10x zoom version, the IMX586. In addition to the inability to achieve multi-zoom, the experience of daily photography should theoretically be consistent with the 10x zoom version. Compared with the proofs of Reno, the overall imaging quality is good in the daytime, the sharpness, exposure and white balance are relatively stable, and the color performance is also very natural.

Night proofs

Normal mode

Night scene mode

Normal mode

As far as the style of adjustment is concerned, it is a kind of eye-catching kind. At night, shopping malls and roads, where the light is bright, open the night scene mode. The photo quality is improved after the night scene mode is turned on in low light conditions. Under the 1/2.0-inch photosensitive area, the overall noise control is also in place, and the picture purity is very high.

From the camera experience, Reno’s camera interface is simple and easy to use. AI, HDR, and other options do not require manual setting by the user, and often the mobile phone automatic algorithm automatically adjusts. This is also a reasonable arrangement for the target population of OPPO. In general, despite the lack of a ten-fold zoom, the overall photo still belongs to the first echelon.


In terms of battery life that users care about, OPPO Reno Standard Edition has 3765mAh battery, plus 20W VOCC flash charge 3.0, charging power is 5V4A.

Charging Speed

Through the actual test, the power is used from 0% to 50% for 30 minutes until it is full for 74 minutes (power off state).

VOOC flash charging needs to be used with the charging head and data cable that comes with OPPO, so for many users, this also brings some inconvenience. But the good news is coming.

The PD charging protocol is one of the current mainstream fast charging protocols. Most of the flagship models on the market currently support the PD protocol fast charging, including Apple’s own mobile phones and notebooks.

In other words, if the OPPO Reno upgrade supports the PD protocol, the user can use the other common mobile phone fast charging and charging treasure to fast charge OPPO Reno, which is, of course, a good thing for the user.

I feel that the routines of various manufacturers are their own materials so that others can be exploding. Since the bosses are all talking, let’s wait.

Today’s Android fast charger has become a standard, which is very convenient for every day. Nowadays, we are used to charging the mobile phone before going out. It is not necessary to remember to plug in the phone before going to bed the day before, and also get rid of the heavy charging treasure. Especially for the summer that comes in half, imagine that if you put a brick-like charging treasure in your loose shorts pocket while shopping, you may walk away and you will be gone.

(Gradient colors look like chocolates)

In the light use of the day, the electricity is 65% at 10 o’clock in the morning and 25% at 10 o’clock in the evening. This life is very good. Generally, users who are moderately used are completely ok in one day. Users who are heavily used should not say that under the existing technology, mobile phone batteries are still difficult to meet.

Game endurance test

We have chosen “Peace Elite” just after the launch. The screen brightness is 50%, the volume is 50%, the daily application is running in the background, and the wifi network is used, which is close to our daily use status.

The “High Peace” screen quality setting option is HD, the number of frames is high, and the anti-aliasing and shadowing options will increase the power consumption option. Time is from 21:25 to 21:54, about 30 minutes, the phone consumes 8%. It should be no problem to eat chicken for six hours at full power.

Video endurance test

In the video test, we also adjusted the screen brightness and volume to 50%.

The time is from 22:05 to 22:43, the power is 88% to 82%, and the power consumption is 6% in 38 minutes. In order to test the system fluency several times to switch applications, the system power consumption details playback time is about 32 minutes (the foreground activity time in the figure). We chose to play 1080P video and turn on HDR. This endurance performance is also very good.


The system aspect is the biggest surprise that brought me this time. In addition to the underlying comprehensive optimization, one of the highlights of ColorOS 6 is the introduction of a new UI and animation design. In the previous impression, OPPO’s ColorOS is not good, no features are notorious. Even being criticized by peoples is just imitating apples. But these bad impressions gradually disappeared during the two days of use.

Smooth, beautiful and easy to use, this time Reno can say that it did. With full-screen gestures, if you’re not using a full-screen phone before, you’ll feel like a brand new experience after switching.

In terms of UI design, ColorOS 6 puts forward the design concept of “Boundless and Bounded”. It adopts lightweight and elegant color-matching elements and uses “clothing white” to alleviate the user’s information anxiety and design a large number of icons and animation effects.

ColorOS 6 is equipped with a new artificial intelligence Breeno, which can realize voice control, intelligent scene interaction and other functions, which complements the previous shortboard. Press and hold the power button for 0.5 seconds to call out the voice assistant to support the creation of shortcut commands.

In addition, OPPO Reno supports NFC function. The first batch of bus card functions will support Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Shenzhen-Tong, and Lingnantong. A total of 193 cities across the country will be supported. In addition to bus cards, OPPO wallets also support access cards and bank cards. The bank card function currently supports a limited number of banks, and official data shows that OPPO Pay will support 16 banks in the first batch and will increase in the future.

Verdict & Buy

The side-rotating structure is indeed ingenious. The mechanical structure of Find X was too clumsy before, and the prominent small head of Vivo NEX is a bit like an iron head. Reno’s side-spinning structure is more refined and innovative.

The price is the place where the users vomit the most, although it is the flagship, the starting price is still 2999 yuan. What is the level of 2,999 yuan ($434.32)? The price of Xiaomi Mi9 is 2,999 yuan, and the price of iQOO is 2,998 yuan ($434.17). The most intuitive aspect of Reno compared to them is the performance gap.

But not everyone needs a phone with strong performance and top-of-the-line configuration. For many consumers, all they need is a good, adequate product. And the use of these two days, Reno Standard Edition gives people the feeling that it is so easy to use, almost no shortboard, all aspects are very balanced.

The exterior design is the most impressive place, with a super-high screen on the front and asymmetrical design on the back. There is no prominent camera to make everything look so seamless. Virgo will definitely feel comfortable watching this phone. Coupled with the same configuration as the 10x zoom version, the more balanced overall strength of the Snapdragon 710 makes this phone more competitive in the market.

Excellent system experience and mainstream camera performance, if you pay more attention to the overall experience of the mobile phone, and do not care about the telephoto shooting, then Reno Standard Edition is a good choice.

In order to achieve a comprehensive screen, in order to occupy the screen ratio, the manufacturers go to the sea to come up with their own plans. Like the earliest vivo pop-up camera, Nubian’s double-sided screen, glory slide screen, and Samsung’s digging screen. Even if there is controversy: Do we really need a full screen? However, we compare those water-drop screens, Liu Haiping, and mobile phones that are much smaller in size, and you will still be sighing that technology is improving. This is what we have imagined.

OPPO Reno side-spinning structure is a new attempt for the full screen. Exquisite appearance and satisfactory experience, whether you have been Apple or other Android users, your inherent concept will have a leap after use. From the previous criticism of marketing and star effects to the current product and user experience in the first place, these changes in OPPO deserve our recognition.

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