OPPO TV K9x 65-inch Released: Optimizes The User Experience


OPPO held a OPPO TV K9x launch conference online. The whole process was very fast. There are mobile phones, earphones, and TVs. Which product have you planted? The frame of the K9x 65-inch version released this time adopts the Unibody integrated seamless bending process, equipped with a 4-core chip and 16G large memory. It is not only a smart TV with no boot ads, but also a smart speaker, a large-screen game console, an AI fitness personal trainer and a child’s tutor.

The official also said that the K9x continues the stunning image quality and color performance of the K9 series, with one billion colors, the industry’s first-tier color accuracy, color care, and OCEE color enhancement engine, and further optimizes the user experience. At the same time, OPPO also targets the overall image quality. Frame-by-frame optimization, relying on the self-developed AI PQ technology, intelligently matches each scene and integrates the ambient light algorithm and the three-dimensional depth of field algorithm to optimize the overall image quality frame by frame, ensuring that each frame can be bright and dark, three-dimensional and full.

OPPO also said that the K9x 65-inch smart TV released this time has created a self-developed LowLatency low-latency acceleration technology for TV cloud games. Combined with strong hardware support and Tencent cloud server computing power, cloud games are smoother. In addition, it is also suitable for customized functions such as one-click direct access to the handle, desktop special pages, and game-specific sound effects. You can easily enjoy a large number of games online without downloading.

In terms of content, the OPPO smart TV K9x covers the content of four major platforms, including station B, national K-song, Tencent sports, cool meow, kiwi, etc., and this TV supports Xiaobu intelligent voice assistant, no matter whether the screen is on or off. screen, press the remote control and say “Hello Xiaobu” to search for videos, and support ten dialect recognition.

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At 10 a.m. on April 28, the OPPO smart TV K9x 65-inch was officially launched on OPPO Mall, JD.com, and Tmall platforms, priced at 2,499 yuan, with an official subsidy of 300 yuan during the first sale period, and a delivery price of 2,199 yuan. The pre-sale is now open. During the pre-sale period, there are also surprise benefits such as Tencent Video Membership Monthly Card and JD.com’s two-year extended warranty, but the most exciting thing is the K package, that is, the OPPO K10 mobile phone with the newly launched OPPO Smart TV K9x 65 inches, the half price of the second screen starts at 3248.

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