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The Optoma HD146X DLP Projector is a 3D-compatible DLP HD 1080p model equipped with an HDMI 1.4 input, a long lamp life with high performance. It replaces the Optoma HD144X from which it incorporates the main characteristics with increased brightness and contrast while remaining quiet in operation. Its low input lag (16 ms), an important parameter for gaming, also makes the Optoma HD146X video projector an ideal model for console and PC video games.

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The big advantage of the projector is also the possibility of controlling it with a remote control, as well as its compact weight, only 2.8 kg. Thanks to this, this equipment acquires the features of a mobile device. The processing is impeccable. There are no sharp edges or loose parts. Although only plastic is used as the material, the HD146x makes a robust and valuable impression.


The HD146x needs a distance of one meter to display an image. The result is then a 27-28” image. If you have a little more space, you can also set up the projector up to 9.8 meters away from the screen. This distance leads to an image with a whopping 7.65 meters diagonal. In my apartment, the projector was about 2.5 meters in front of the wall and that gave me a 70″ diagonal. Thanks to the manual 1.1x zoom, you can also vary the image size a bit.

3D Ready Technology

Optoma HD146X is also worth noting that this equipment is fully compatible with HD Ready technology, thanks to which the quality of the displayed image is even higher, and with 3D Ready technology, which enables three-dimensional image processing. The device has a built-in Keystone function, thanks to which it is possible to vertically stabilize the image in +/- 40 degrees ! Thanks to it, the image will look fully natural, even when the inner axis of the OPTOMA HD146X projector is not perpendicular to the plane onto which the image is projected.

DLP technology

The Optoma HD146X uses patented DLP technology from Texas Instruments, which is a system of micro-mirrors inside a special chip that reflect the digitally created image on the desired area. The advantage of the DLP projector is that it does not need an air filter during its operation, which eliminates its need for cleaning and replacement. It is virtually immune to fading (yellow-green tint), which some projectors are prone to during operation.

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