Ordro S13 Smart Bracelet Design, Features Review (Coupon inside)


The ORDRO S13 is your basic fitness tracker bracelet that treats you to a large number of smart health features. This little gizmo is perfect for those of you who wish to increase their activity levels. With its sedentary reminder and sports reminder in place, this Bluetooth watch makes sure you’ll never slack off again. The watch itself comes with an IP67 waterproof body and soft strap. This makes it comfortable to wear at the gym as well as in everyday situations. With its 90mah battery, this fitness tracker will get you through numerous days of continuous usage time without needing to recharge.


Your smart bracelet comes with a small OLED touchscreen. On this display, it lets you keep real-time track of all health and fitness data. When used with the dedicated mobile application, you’ll be able to analyze your data in more detail. This allows you to keep track of your improvements which will motivate you to work even harder in the future. With its gesture sensing technology, the watch turns on automatically whenever you raise your hand. This brings along great convenience and also saves battery as your display won’t be lit up during the entire day.


This smart fitness tracker bracelet is compatible with both iOS and Android phones. It supports Bluetooth 4.0 for fast and lag-free data transmission. With its pedometer, this sports watch allows you to keep track of the total number of steps you take throughout the day. Additionally, it treats you to a calorie counter, heart rate monitor, and blood pressure test. With a sleep monitor, it even makes sure you get enough rest in between your upcoming workout sessions. This will significantly increase your recovery and the efficiency of your future workout routines. Ordro S13 smart bracelet is a device that makes you live in healthier and more intelligent lifestyle. It helps to monitor basic physical indicators like heart rate and blood pressure quality that you can know your body condition better. It tracks steps and shows you how you’re stacking up against your daily goals. Besides, you can share your data on Wechat and QQ, which may encourage you and your friends to do exercise and raise interest in sports.


It is a pretty smart bracelet, quite comfortable and cheap. It has everything you need to succeed in this price range. If you are looking for a SmartBand that needs a recharge every week then the Ordro S13 Smart Bracelet is for you, at this moment Gearbest has a flash sale so you can get the Ordro S13 Smart Bracelet for $21.02 USD using GBCE as a coupon.


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