Hemp is known mainly for its stem, which has been used for millennia to braid ropes, but also clothing and building materials (insulation). This fiber is known for its robustness. This plant, native to Asia, has long been grown in the United States. But did you know that one could extract an oil whose properties are beneficial to health?

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What are the benefits of CBD oil?

Hemp tends to have a bad press because it is still associated with marijuana. Since this substance is considered a psychotropic substance, it is forbidden to cultivate this plant. What many people do not know is that there are different types of hemp. To produce it for agricultural purposes, cannabis must be out of THC (the molecule contained in cannabis, so that psychoactive elements are eliminated. Thus, only the virtues inherent in the plant remain in themselves. The oil is included in the seeds of hemp and is particularly appreciated in the cosmetic field. You can find wide range of CBD products.

CBD oil and cosmetics

For the face: In massage, hemp oil is an excellent anti-wrinkle, to regenerate skin cells to make it less tired, less dry. Hemp oil is considered the most nourishing of oils. Good news, even if it is a detail, it gives off a subtle smell resembling cut grass and is pleasant to apply on the skin!

It fights against rosacea. Do you suffer the effects of rosacea, these small vessels that create redness on the skin of your cheeks and the wings of the nose? So you have very sensitive skin. Some people are very complexed by this problem that they find light and unattractive. You will be delighted to know that 100% natural CBD organic hemp oil is ideal for alleviating this problem. Mix 15 ml of hemp oil with six drops of immortelle essential oil, stir well, and use on your cheeks every day, morning and evening. Do not forget to put the bottle in the refrigerator!

For the body: Is your skin dry? Your elbows and your knees are rough, not pleasant to the touch? Pure or diluted in your classic body milk, enjoy the ultra-nourishing virtues of hemp oil. Bonus, in massage on the nails, it reinforces them and avoids the duplication.

For the hair: What is right for your tired skin is also good for your hair! The hemp oil will bring shine and flexibility in a completely natural way.

But to reserve it for unique aesthetic purposes would be very reductive. Because hemp oil, thanks to the presence of CBD (cannabidiol) also allows:

Preventing cardiovascular diseases

Hemp oil containing high levels of omega 3, it would act in prevention against cardiovascular disease. It must, of course, be coupled with a healthy diet and regular physical activity. However, one can imagine the benefits for a person who would be predestined to this type of pathology, hereditary way, for example. By using this oil in addition to a healthy lifestyle, it could reduce the risks.

Reduce pain and inflammation

A full life, a sporting activity, and pains intervene. Taking medication is often a reflex, but it is better to refrain. In addition to the fact that the drug may not improve in the long term, it can generate addiction. In the same way, the pains create a vicious circle: The apprehension of the occurrence of the illness causes a peak of stress. Being stressed will make the muscles contract, which will cause pain, etc. With CBD oil products, you have a 100% natural remedy. To use in massage after a hot shower, it will quickly bring relief of the evils, in the application on the sensitive zones. CBD topicals like pain creams and salves that can ease pain and inflammation

Eliminate anxiety

As we said in the previous paragraph, stress can be a source of physical pain and tension. By regulating the feeling of anxiety, hemp oil prevents the workings of pain from being put in place. Modern life can provoke many questions and demotivate the bravest person. In the same way, some people are more anxious than others, and the slightest incident will take on inconsiderate proportions. Using hemp oil allows you to take a step back and consider the hazards of life with more serenity. You can also try one of the best hemp tea to help you relax.

How does CBD oil works?

Like essential oils, the use of CBD hemp oil is punctual as needed. Do you feel stressed? Do you feel a migraine start? A few drops can be applied to the palm of the wrist or on the temples. Then you have to massage for a long time. This oil can be ingested safely; you can put two on a piece of sugar or diluted in a glass of water to feel better quickly.

How to use CBD oil?

Hemp oil can be used in different ways, depending on its concentration and your expectations. Some brands are destined for food use, others for beauty, and others for their relaxing properties:

  • By absorption: To have your daily dose of omega 3 and 6. It is simple and easy to take a spoon of oil before meals.
  • “Passive” way in food: Use to make a vinaigrette.
  • By massage: by mixing a few drops of hemp oil with body milk and a few drops of essential oil of mandarin or lavender, you will be able to get the perfect blend for a relaxing massage.

Side effects and interactions

No adverse effects are expected for this oil, although it is advisable to ask your family doctor for advice before considering buying this item.

The only thing that is important to know is that, like all oils, is that CBD oxidizes quickly if exposed to heat or ambient air. Oxidation is harmful. We can, therefore, only advise you to buy your hemp oil in a small container to keep it away from direct light and heat. Better to order often in small quantities, than to want to make reservations that will not use anything. If the bottle is well closed, you can keep it for almost ten months in a cool place and the shade. Once opened, the vial should be used within two months, being refrigerated. It should be noted that if you use it in the food setting, it is not resistant to cooking.

Medical advice on CBD oil

If doctors oppose the use of cannabis, they can only praise the benefits of CBD hemp oil on the whole of human health.

Nutritionists, in particular, recommend the taking, for the reduction of cholesterol, the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, the natural presence of omega 3and 6, easily assimilable by the body.

If the effects of THC found in cannabis have been studied, the results of CBD have not been entitled to as much research. Yet, all of those that have been done have shown that psychoactive substances have been removed. From this point, many people can use it, including children and pregnant women.


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