Orico BS1 Bluetooth Sports Speaker Waterproof Shockproof First Released


There are various bluetooth speakers on the market now. But most of them only can be used indoors, if we do outdoors sports, they can’t bring us much fun and nice sound effect. Right now Orico has released a bluetooth speaker specialized in outdoor sports, Orico BS1.

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It has come with two 3W power, 40mm speaker, tie-in thickening speaker net, honeycomb mesh, which can make the voice spread evenly, and  enhance the bass and stereo effect, rechargeable lithium battery can continuenine hours battery life. It has A2DP bluetooth transmission technology fully compatible with all kinds of bluetooth player equipment such as mobile phone, tablet, transmitting effectively distance in 10 meters and 15meters in open space. It has also been built in noise reduction hd microphone to support one key to call.


It has used advanced ABS fire environmental protection material on both ends of the speaker with IPX4 grade protection which can support  waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof. The hardening  rubber package can also provide resistance to impact.  It’s so sweet that it designed a hook at the end which is convenient to hang on the waist or backpack. Right now Orico BS1 bluetooth speaker will come out soon but about the price, we have no idea. Just stay tuned for more!


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