Original Xiaomi PLAY2 3D VR Headset Design, Hardware, Features Review (Included Coupon)


Xiaomi Mi VR Play 2 Headset is much lighter and more comfortable than its predecessor Mi VR Play 1 as well. In addition to its new cloth-like material, It also have “invisible” small holes across the headset for better cooling while you’re using it. The best part about the device is that it extremely affordable for all those who want to experience VR without having to use cardboard alternatives.


Design-wise it has a pill shaped front with rounded edges, instead of the rectangular shape, and has detachable elastic nylon headband. It is made out of plastic and is covered with a strong elastic cotton called “dragon cloth”. The part that sits on your face is lined with a padded porous material for comfort. It also has invisible cooling holes, for keeping the mobile phones. The new Mi VR Play 2 also ditches the zip up compartment for inserting the smartphone, instead you can simply slide the phone inside the flap at the front of the VR headset. The new VR headset has 93-degree FOV and will support smartphone with display sizes ranging from 4.7-inch to 5.7-inch, having Full HD resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels or more. It weighs 183g making it lighter than its predecessor 208g.


Original Xiaomi PLAY2 3D VR Glasses Virtual Reality Headset fits the needs of people who are prefer to watch movies in the theater and enjoy fantastic 3D IMAX effects to get immersive feelings. Support IPD adjustment and focus adjustment. 93 degree FOV for best view experience. Aspheric optical resin lens provides 95pct light transmittance. Sponge cushion with superior late-model material relieves pressures on your nose bridge and eyelid. Adjustable head strap increases the wearing comfort. Streamline radian design, unique and fashionable, perfectly meets your style. Compact size and light weight, comfortable and no burden on your head.


Here is a novelty on the side of Xiaomi, with a new Xiaomi Mi VR Play 2. The Xiaomi PLAY2 3D, a headset that requires a smartphone to play. So it’s not a standalone virtual reality headset, but with a good smartphone it will. The price of this new Xiaomi Mi VR Play 2, is only $27.72 not bad for the quality. You will be able to play all the games, compatible iOS and Android. But also watch movies in 3D, from your smartphone to the headphones. Use This COupon Code: GB9%

Start End Items (English) pro price Coupon Amount
2017/10/14 23:00 Original Xiaomi PLAY2 3D VR Headset 19.99 11nov323 100

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