Original Xiaomi YI M1 4K Digital Micro Single Camera Review


Xiaomi YI M1 micro Single camera has been released for a while, which is easy to control and favorable price attracted by most users. So how is the details about YI M1 Micro Single Camera? Let’s check it together.


Xiaomi YI M1 adopts the package with pure black hard cardboard, the whole body only has a YI Logo on the top right side, looking very simple. After opening the package, we can see Xiaomi Yi M1 and two lens, the lens have 14-40mm F3.5-5.6 aperture and 42.5 F1.8 aperture respectively to focus the object.





The body uses plastic material with matte processing in different degree, especially the right side on the handle looks more obvious. The overall design looks like Leica camera.


There is a 3 inch 720*480 screen, and two physical home buttons. Besides the switch on or off button on the top and shooter button, there are two dials to operate the camera mode and specs adjustment, the red point button in camera mode is for recording video for photographing.


Xiaomi YI M1 camera has some special performance such as continuous shooting, face detection, it is built in 900mAh battery which is replaceable. It adopts Sony IMX269 sensor to support 4K videos so that you can enjoy the best photographing photos. Besides, it has micro four Thirds ( M4/3 ) mount, compatible with most lens. Right now Xiaomi YI M1 Camera is available for Black and white color at $506.26, and the camera with dual lens at $699.





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