Oukitel P2001 Rugged Power Station: Solid Quality with Decent Price and Features


Oukitel, founded in 2007, is a well-known international consumer electronics manufacturing company in Hong Kong. With a rich experience in producing huge capacity and durable batteries, Oukitel has entered the huge capacity portable solar generators area for reducing carbon emission by releasing their flagship P2001-2000Wh power station.  

In many countries and areas, there is a huge rise in the adoption of backup power today for any unpredictable situation, such as home blackouts and natural disasters. The battery, diesel, and gas-powered generators are the most accessible options in the global mobile power station market. The benefits of the battery-powered generator can be commonly recognized in environment protection and maintenance costs. 

P2001 comes with a huge capacity (2000Wh), 2000W AC output, super-fast recharge (0-100%, 1.5 hours), and an advanced intelligent battery system. This budget power station enables more customers to utilize solar power safely.

Huge Capacity 2000Wh 

Best Power Solution for Camping and Home Backup

If you are into outdoor and on-the-go events with family and friends, P2000 will be a perfect power solution for those electric devices, such as the coffee maker, projectors, mini-refrigerator, drones, etc. It comes with numerous output ports and outlets, which support a maximum of 16 devices being powered simultaneously.

Oukitel P2001 is also the ideal backup power for any unexpected blackout at home. With such a huge capacity, P2001 is designed for peace of mind as it still keeps your home appliances (TV、Microwave、fridge、washer, etc.) running for hours.

AC Output of 2000W, Surge to 4000W

Another remarkable function that can not be missed is that Oukitel P2001 can power any heavy-duty tool, even the electric car. It can provide a constant AC output of 2000W, whose surge up to 4000W. P2001 allows you to work in any environment by using your high-wattage devices (Electric drill, circular saw, bench grinder, etc.) 

Super-fast recharging 0-100%, 1.5 Hours

Oukitel P2001 can be charged by a standard wall outlet, solar panel, electric car, or other power generators. P2001 supports the dual recharging method. Only requests 1.5 hours recharging time if P2001 is powered via 1100W AC Input and 500W solar or 500W adapter simultaneously. It takes less than 2 hours to recharge P2001 fully by standard wall outlet.

Best Solar Generator

Oukitel P2001 is one of the best solar power storage solutions as it can be recharged by any solar panel (MAX 500W) on the market. Charging P2001 fully is less than 4 hours by using solar panels on a perfect sunny day.

Double Protection: UPS

Oukitel P2001 Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is built to shield your sensitive and valuable electrical devices for protecting your fragile electrical products from any power failure damage. Connecting your essential utilities with P2001, the UPS will continue to provide reliable power automatically in any unpredictable outage.

Intelligent battery comes with safety: LiFePo4 & BMS

Oukitel P2001 owns 48 brand-new LiFePo4 battery packs from EVE Energy Co., Ltd; which is one of the TOP3 Power Suppliers in China. Compared with a traditional Lead-Acid battery, it features better safety and a longer lifespan.

The built-in advanced Battery Management System (BMS) ensures the battery operates intelligently and safely. BMS protects those batteries from overheating, overload discharging, and over-voltage discharging. The condition of those massive battery packs is always monitored by its intelligent system; any subtle errors or issues can be fixed by BMS automatically.

For more information visit Oukitel’s official Website.


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