Oukitel S68 Pro Wristband Hands-On Review: Stylish Bracelet With Fitness Functions


the Chinese bracelet, Oukitel S68 Pro. There are many impressions, and they are positive. Grieved one thing – a simple appearance of the package. It is a pity that the manufacturer did not find it necessary to take care of it: the pasted characteristics and a plastic insert create the impression of a cheap Chinese thing. However, the bracelet compensates for any negative. Very stylish design. Excellent fit in my everyday life as an integral part of time control, and as a fashion accessory. The bracelet is positioned as a fitness bracelet, but to be honest, I do not plan to go in for sports with this, for this purpose I choose another bracelet, not because he is better, but because this one is on shore.

A special strap and glossy dial make me admire them and show off a fashion accessory. However, for health monitoring, it is quite suitable. That’s just not enough in it for a couple or two, liked me in the bracelets of functions, but about everything in order.  Oukitel S68 Pro, which costs about $30. More information about this Smartband can be found in our review.  The Oukitel S68 Pro Review Unit provided by Oukitel. You Can buy from GEARBEST at $29.99

Packaging and Unboxing

packaging The packaging is a bright orange box with a logo. On the reverse side of which is a sticker with a description of the main Specification. The appearance of the box was much more solid design inside. Absolutely did not like the plastic insert, which housed my brand new bracelet. The first impression about the competitiveness of watches with watches from another manufacturer for such a cost is doubtful. How could such cute watch be placed in a non-branded package?
– Bracelet 
– Charging Dock
– Short USB-micro USB cable 
– Instruction in 2 languages (English and Chinese), supplemented with pictures

First Impressions

From the packaging in light confusion, the manufacturer did not pay much attention to it. And from the bracelet only positive emotions. He is very stylish. Although it is called a fitness bracelet, thanks to the strap, it looks solid, not in a sporty way. Looks great with a strict suit and easily fits into a graceful feminine Personality. 

The first sensation of fitting: a dimensionless, flexible, absolutely not perceptible strap, with reliable fixation, thanks to the magnet-fastener. Plus a bright glossy screen with a clear image. However, later it was found that in bright sunlight you have to look around for reading the info from the screen. About the first launch: it took a few minutes to start the bracelet in synchronization with the smartphone: install the application and just a moment to connect with them: the result, the correct time and date appeared on the screen instantly.


I will repeat, in my opinion, fashionable watches. They look good. A qualitative assembly and details and materials are selected harmoniously. Gaps are minimal, no shaky and uneven details, each densely adjoins each other. The material of the head is combined. Most of the case consists of metal, the screen is glossy plastic, on the underside is a plastic case with charging connectors. The Screen Size is 0.96-inch and it has touch Key for Operating.  Removable parts with a strap are also metal. The screen is small, but the display of information is clear and well readable. The screen is not a brand, does not collect prints, although it is glossy.

Particular attention, of course, will get the bracelet. This is my first watch with a similar bracelet. Sensations are inexpressible: it is very flexible, thin, it is ideal for any size of wrist and, in addition, removable. If you can use it, it’s easy to remove, and snaps back firmly with a click. Interesting appearance of the strap gives the watch the look of an accessory. During the period of use, it has not lost its marketable appearance, it does not dusty. In my opinion, quite practical. It remains only an open question about its colorful integrity, there is a fear that the paint will peel off. But these are only assumptions, no prerequisites. A flat magnet, due to which the watch on the wrist, is strong enough. Even if you pull properly, the magnet does not creep slowly though, pushing the strap apart. it is small and compact and just the length of the strap is 26.5 cm and weighs is 53,7 grams.


It’s bad that on the watch itself or at least a shipping box there is no QR-code for downloading a special application, FundoBracelet. If you do not want to, you’ll have to deploy the manual. The application is installed per minute. After the parallel launch of Bluetooth on the smartphone, a bracelet will appear in the list of visible devices, code-named DX500, connect via Bluetooth in the application, synchronize the data, and you’re in the business. At the first start of devices on all about all leaves no more than 2-3 minutes. To my great regret, control of the bracelet is carried out only sensory.  Unlocking the screen is carried out by pulling the shutter down, reacts with the first touch. The menu moves by touching up / down, left / right. 

  • In the bracelet menu there are the following items: 
    The main screen
    the sports function
  • Menu 
    The health functions menu
    The sleep monitoring menu – the notifications
    The clock information
    The bracelet settings menu

The bracelet works well as a receiver of notifications from third-party applications. When the notification is received, the text of the message is displayed. In the application for the smartphone in the list of installed programs, you can choose those messengers from which you want to receive notifications on the bracelet. It stores missed calls in messages with the subscriber number info and the time of the unanswered call. The signal from the conjugated device catches at a distance of 7-8 meters through a brick wall. What I did not like, then, after displaying a notice on the bracelet, messenger messages on the smartphone have the status of “read”.
In brief about the work of fitness functions: the pedometer reads the strokes of the hand as standard; the data of the heart rate monitor varies by 1-3 beats per minute with real ones; the pressure indicator cannot now be checked, the tonometer stopped working accidentally (yes, she also sinned on batteries until she felt a slight smell of the plated plastic). It was guided by the general physical condition, but what the sensor gives me is quite satisfactory – the pressure is normal 110/70 or 120/83. But put 7 hours of sleep per day, the counter did not show me, I just dream of a normal dream. 

From the screen, we can read sensor information in real time, the most interesting – the history and additional functions – only through the Russified application with a clumsy, but funny translation (for example, pairing on Bluetooth).
Here they are, additional functions:
– Reminders of the warm-up (interval 30 minutes) 
– Reminders about the need to get drunk (30 minutes interval) 
– Setting of several alarms 
– Control of gestures (my favorite function of activating the screen by the wave of the hand) 
– The function of taking pictures at a distance works fine, but I rarely use it 
. recall the bracelet for incoming notifications and calls (backlight, vibration or backlight + vibro). Works properly.
Another interesting function, without which it is already difficult to imagine a modern bracelet – waterproof. Here it is at the level of IP65. This is the standard that implies full protection against the penetration of dust and water jets directed to the device from all sides. Still, the metal strap and unsecured connectors cast doubt on the moisture-proof properties, but because the bracelet is snug against the arm, there are no open gaps between the parts, and its design does not have to do sports, so I allow myself the only water procedure – washing dishes.
Communication bracelet with me leads silently, only through Vibro, which, by the way, is not the strongest. I am very sensitive to sleep, the alarm clock will wake me, but my thick-skinned husband, I think, will not pay much attention to the desires of the vibro-alarm clock. The only thing I did not find in the bracelet function, which is mentioned in the instruction, is “searching for a conjugate device”.


Bracelet from the box, we can say, was fully charged, I test it for 3 days in pairing mode, with all incoming calls and messages, and the indicator of the charge level in Fundo in the status of 77%. 

Its new gadget has not yet fully discharged, but, of course, I tried a new type of charger for me – a clothes clip. Clothes clip. An interesting solution. The fastener strap is absolutely not a hindrance, the clothespin is compact. Easily fixed in her head of the watch, the contacts miraculously coincided with the first time. The battery icon appears on the screen. While charging, the watch is resting, the options menu is not active, however, when the call comes in, the bracelet vibrates. Clothespin – the order to me was to my taste, I’m afraid of the usual magnetic charge, but the clothespin is strong, the size covers the capsule, tightly fixes the watch’s head in the charging socket, and the risk of remaining uncharged is minimal.


I’m not a supporter of sportswear, so the bracelet fits perfectly into my wardrobe. Feelings from socks are positive, the bracelet is light, The strap is flexible, yet compact. Because of the unusual magnetic Clip, the bracelet fits perfectly on any wrist. The fact that it is removable, will carry to pluses, although it has not yet found out this advantage. The charger is compact, easily attached to the clock from the underside, reliably holds the bracelet. Comfortable reliable charging. With autonomy, everything is in order. According to my calculations, the charge should be enough for 4-5 days. The bracelet has a standard set of sporting functions. it works quickly, pairing is instant. The screen is bright, the text of the messages arriving at the paired device is displayed.  Has a good appearance and high-quality materials. On the handle, the bracelet looks chic, you can use it not only as a clock, as a diary for monitoring health, but also as an accessory bracelet.

There is not enough in it, however, a physical button, and there is no possibility in the settings to set the screen saver time, the vibro is rather weak, the screen is not readable in sunny weather. And yet, one small drawback: cool it now in bad weather wear, a metal bracelet causes thousands of crusts on the skin. But it’s little things, in comparison with his fashionable design. Oukitel S68 Pro, which costs about $30. More information about this Smartband can be found in our review.  The Oukitel S68 Pro Review Unit provided by Oukitel. You Can buy from GEARBEST at $29.99 , but you can use coupon code: GBCE to get it at $26.09.

  • Advantages
    – Stylish, fashionable, lightweight bracelet
    – Strap weightless, soft, flexible, dimensionless and removable
    – Included standard fitness bracelet functions
    – Quality materials
    – Enough energy saving
    – Reliable charging-clothespin via usb cable
    – Notifications and their contents are displayed on the screen
    – Feedback on the touch 100%
    – Supports Android 4.4, iOS 7.0 and above
  • Disadvantages
    – No physical buttons
    – Vibro obscenities
    – No AC adapter
    – The price, in my opinion, overpriced

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