Oukitel U13 Pro coming with a Full Metal Jacket


Many of you might remember when we posted a story about the new Oukitel U13 Pro , I dont think anyone thought oukitel had plans for a device made from full metal. Its not new for phones to come with full metal bodies, in fact its been around for quite a few years now. After Apples mastered the art of a full metal build, its really taken off. Oukitel-U13-ProTo be honest I love the feel of a metal device, and it comes with a lot of advantages over its plastic build counterparts. The unfortunate thing is metal comes with a lot of interference for the phones signal, so there are not many full metal phones out there.Most phones come with plastic caps at either end and the back cover and this is where the manufacturers place the antennae.Not many companies have managed to solve the riddle of metal, withe the likes of Apple and HTC releasing full metal smartphones.Oukitel-U13-Pro-1-768x395Oukitel have stepped up to the plate and has plans to release its flagship Oukitel U13 Pro in a full metal jacket.The Oukitel U13 Pro uses similar three-segment design to that of the iPhone 6s Plus and OnePlus 3.Except this is where Oukitel have really come up with the goods,if you look at the image below Oukitel claim they have solved the riddle by nano-injections for the segments B and D. Oukitel-U13-Pro-2-768x768Excepting these fine joints the rest of the Oukitel U13 Pro is aircraft grade aluminum alloy. The Oukitel U13 Pro weighs in at just 156.7g, its incredibly 35 grams lighter than the iPhone 6S Plus. It will be very interesting to see if this is a success for Oukitel, but full points for breaking into this very exclusive club. We cant wait to see further details on this and as usual we will pass on the info as soon as it comes in.


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