OUKITEL WP6 Rugged Smartphone Official Unboxing Video Released


The WP6 is the long-awaited new IP68 flagship model from Oukitel. Oukitel WP6 first rugged Oukitel smartphone with a 10,000 mAh battery and 48MP camera, The premium performance smartphone will come at an affordable price, with an additional discount on the Sale at Aliexpress store. You can find out more about the sale of this smartphone on the company’s website and below the video with its unboxing.

In the package, you will get a Smartphone (with battery), Charger, User manual, Eject pin, OTG Cable, and Data Cable. As of the ongoing trend, Oukitel WP6 comes with black and orange colors.

Three rear cameras have become standard, so OUKITEL did not disappoint us either. WP6 provides users with 3 super-quality sensors to capture high-end images. The Chinese manufacturer has struggled to offer a device that stands out in the crowd, and find a way to reach a large number of customers. The WP Series is specifically designed for harsh working conditions, with a robust yet sleek design, and superior shock, scratch, and drop resistance. OUKITEL WP6 is water-resistant.

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A strong battery and a 48MP triple camera give the combination that will launch. The OUKITEL WP6 among the best models in the class. In addition to the two aforementioned trump cards, the WP6 stands out with its powerful body, made from 70% aircraft alloy metals. And a 1.1mm thick glass with Corning Gorilla protection. Above you can see the video presentation, to have an insight into the strength. And the resistance of the glass surface of this model.

It is especially interesting for nature lovers, adventurers, and outdoor workers. The smartphone meets its most demanding performance. Especially the combination of the P70 processor, which is known for frugality and a battery life of up to 10,000mAh. The battery can put the WP6 on standby for up to 32 days, or 52 hours of continuous telephone communication.

Hopefully, it won’t come to that, but if it does, Oukitel WP6 smartphone can be a life-or-death decision factor. For adventurers or people in isolation of modern quarantines, a device like this is a must-have. Grab your copy and see for yourself the quality and resilience of high-performance devices. OUKITEL was able to do a combination of the best of everything, at an affordable price, with an additional discount on the sale.


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