Oxva Arbiter Solo RTA Review, Design and Build Tutorial


In for Review is the Oxva Arbiter Solo RTA and also you might remember that I examined its big brother the initial Moderator a while ago. Whereas the original was a pure DL rebuildable, the Solo is aimed a lot more at the MTL or restricted direct lung crowd, with its extremely intriguing airflow layout!

What Can We Expect From the Oxva Arbiter Solo RTA?

Oxva has actually been doing some remarkable job up until now, and to my mind, they have not made a duff item yet. We’ve formerly reviewed the Rate mod, along with the Beginning as well as Beginning X.

The Oxva Moderator Solo RTA utilizes top to base (and also side) air movement, so the dripping needs to be rather non-existent. In non-TPD countries, it includes a 4ml bubble glass pre-installed, and if you’re residing in a TPD area you get a 2ml straight glass instead.

The big insurance claim that Oxva is making about the Arbiter Solo RTA is that it can do mouth to lung, and direct lung. Whilst this is an insurance claim I’ve heard sometimes before, I have actually yet to find a tank that handles it (without exchanging out half the internals!).

Can it meet its guarantees? I enter into this with a healthy and balanced quantity of scepticism, yet we’ll see what they’re doing as we move on with the testimonial. This was sent over for the objective of a testimonial by Oxva (thanks), as usual, giveaways in no chance guide my viewpoint, and also I shall report back honestly with what I discover.

On to the Review!

Inside Package.

Oxva Moderator Solo Box Component.
Moderator Solo RTA (preinstalled bubble glass/straight glass for TPD).
Spare straight glass (2ml).
Spare Drip Tip.
Merged Clapton coil.
Shoelace Cotton.
Devices Bag.


Measurements– 25mm x 56.5 mm.
Capability– 4ml with preinstalled bubble glass, likewise comes with 2ml straight glass (TPD features 2x straight glass).
Coil: Solitary coil.
Airflow: Leading airflow control. RDL– Side as well as lower airflow/ MTL– Bottom airflow.
Product: Stainless Steel as well as Glass.

Design and Build Quality.

The Oxva Arbiter Solo RTA is available in 5 shades, Blue, Gunmetal, Stainless, Black (which I received), as well as Rainbow. The black that I have is an extremely matte surface, I like it a whole lot. All the threading is spick-and-span and transforms easily. Specifically, on an extra challenging layout similar to this, excellent manufacturing is necessary!

I hesitate that the unusual crab/helmet point makes a return on the outside chamber. And also to be straightforward it’s probably the one thing I would certainly alter concerning the appearance of this tank.

Other than that, it’s a stumpy little storage tank, with a 25mm size.

Oxva Moderator Solo RTA Drip Suggestion.

It’s a double o-ringed 510 drip suggestion, as well as you get 2 in the box. The one you’ll see in all my images has a slightly narrower birthed, but it’s also far comfier in the mouth.

The other drip idea goes straight up, is a little much shorter, as well as does not have any contours to it. Although I suppose it’s even more focused on a DL breathe-in, I found I just didn’t get on with it. You can see a picture of it on the box contents picture.

Top Cap.

There are two components to the airflow control on this storage tank, and among those controls survives on the leading cap. Simply below your drip tip, there’s a double-ended arrow showing you that if you twist it to clockwise you obtain mouth to lung, and also if you twist it anti-clockwise you obtain direct lung.

I’ll look at exactly how this works when we begin looking at the deck as well as the airflow system!

It has to do with a quarter count on switch over from one to the other, however, this does suggest that when you take the leading cap off you require to make certain you’re grasping the outside ring, instead of the MTL/DL switch.

Under the leading cap, you have 2 decently size fill ports, with a small angle to them to see to it you don’t get fluid pooling at the top.

Oxva Moderator Solo RTA– Airflow Control Ring.

Below the leading cap is your airflow control ring. You’ve obtained 2 choices with this, a big single cyclops hole will permit plenty of air in for direct lung.

However, if you transform it even more you can utilize a solitary air shaft to line up with the MTL holes that are 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, and also 1.8 mm in size.

The Deck/Airflow System.

It’s an uncomplicated deck, with large wall surfaces on either side that ought to with any luck minimize the chamber and lead to good taste. The main bottom airflow under your coil is 1.5 mm.

You have actually got a respectable amount of room for a coil, yet you’re not going to be fitting any significant integrate in right here. A straightforward round cord or a little Clapton is the order of business, with a 3mm ID being about your restriction. However, you likewise have airflow holes on either side of your coil for side airflow. These are both 3mm.

When it remains in MTL mode, its top to lower airflow, with the air can be found at the top of the storage tank, traveling around the inner chamber via an outside chamber, and also turning up beneath the coil.

Nonetheless turning the MTL/DL switch on the top, opens an additional course for the airflow by relocating the exterior chamber, this then allows air to flow via the huge 3mm side holes.

I can’t ever keep in mind seeing this kind of layout before, as well as it’s a fascinating suggestion! We’ll see just how well it executes when we begin screening.

Oxva Arbiter Solo RTA– the Base.

As you would certainly expect with the AFC ring at the top of the tank, the base is rather a whole lot shorter than a great deal of containers. Flipping it over you can see the name “Arbiter” and also “Created by Oxva”, along with your usual regulative marks as well as a perfectly sticking out gold layered 510.

Just how to Build the Oxva Moderator Solo RTA.

Those of you with watchful eyes will have spotted I have actually upgraded my construct tab. I’m now utilizing a regulated tab from Umbrella mods.

Unscrew the grub screws.

Put your coil legs right into the ports at the side, there’s a useful idea to them to quit your leads from running away and tighten up down the screws.

Align your coil up with a building device or screwdriver, I found that pressing it down simply a little, aided with taste, specifically for mouth to lung.

Trim your leads as near to the deck as you can.

Gently radiance your coil and also rake it with ceramic tweezers to get rid of any type of hotspots.

Once it’s cooled down, press your cotton with.

Cut the cotton so that the tails will wall surface down into the juice ports, I found that relaxing my scissors against the side of the deck was basically ideal.

If you require to, weaken your cotton, with a 2.5 mm coil it was basically perfect, so I just lightly combed it out prior to popping it into the juice ports.

Prime your wick with some e-liquid.

Rebuild the tank, and load it up.

How Does the Oxva Arbiter Solo RTA Perform?

It’s a little bit of a Jekyll and Hyde tank this set, with such a large difference in between MTL as well as DL settings. So as opposed to discussing it all in one go, I’m going to split it so you know what setting I was using.

No matter, I utilized a combination of various e-liquids in right here, from my go-to Berry Ice, by SVC Labs at 50/50 VG/PG, to Environment-friendly Power from Fizzle at 70/30 PG/VG.

Oxva Arbiter Solo RTA– Mouth To Lung.

Air Flow and Cloud Production.

Fully open, this is a good loose mouth to lung vape. On a 1-10 scale from cheek popping-ly tight to totally open up, it’s a 4.5. Still most definitely mouth to lung though. Closing down the air movement you can obtain gradually tighter, with the 0.8 mm being a 1.5 on the range. Absolutely an extra old-school sensation mouth to lung.

Oxva Arbiter Solo RTA Flavour.

Loaded up with some 50/50 e-liquid the taste is actually good, with a lot of strike to it. Personally, I vape it at the 2nd tiniest opening most of the moment, as I believe its flavor is best in the middle of the air array.

Whilst I recommend an actually tight mouth-to-lung draw, the 0.8 mm winds up being a little bit scattered by the time it hits your coil, as it’s appearing of a 1.5 mm opening on the deck. If you want truly tight MTL, your deck truly requires to be constructed for it, and also it won’t support anything less limiting.

Oxva Moderator Solo RTA Direct Lung.

Airflow as well as Cloud Manufacturing.

Oxva call this “limited” straight lung, and whilst there is a bit of restriction, it’s pretty airy as well as open, as well as opened up to its maximum it’s an 8 on the 1-10 scale. Undoubtedly, with a relatively conventional Clapton coil, you’re not going to be fogging up any kind of area.

However the cloud manufacturing is quite respectable, and it’s a surprisingly smooth draw thinking about the air is coming in the top, after that dropping around and also splitting up!

Oxva Arbiter Solo RTA Flavour.

I truthfully entered this evaluation reasoning, “If they get among them right, after that the various other is going to mediocre”. I’ve never been better to be wrong!

Flavour is once more actually great. It’s perhaps a half step below what it can in MTL mode, however honestly, I have no grievances. Attempting this out with a range of e-liquids it took care of to show off all the flavor notes wonderfully.


Manages MTL as well as DL really well.
Terrific flavor.
Good build high quality.
No leaking.


The extra drip idea isn’t comfortable (subjective).
A little “in-your-face” branding.

Last Review Judgment.

So, the Oxva Arbiter Solo RTA? I’ve been really impressed with this. A lot of storage tanks for many years have actually asserted that they can do MTL or DL, however, what generally occurred is they would certainly either do both badly, or they could do one as well as not the various other.

The Oxva Arbiter Solo RTA truly takes care of with no troubles, and also it’s all to the smart design that’s going on inside the top cap as well as both chambers. A simple twist of the top cap turns the external chamber and lines up the side airflow on the deck.

As is the means of these things, I make sure it will not be long prior to we see various other makers obtaining the design. I’ve obtained nearly no grievances regarding it as a storage tank. One of the drip suggestions is not to my taste? Don’t bother, they give you 2! I even believe the odd crustacean safety helmet might be growing on me …

Are you making use of or all set to try the Oxva Arbiter Solo RTA? Let me recognize your thoughts and also point of views in the remarks listed below.



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