Palace Museum Released a Multi-Function Tourbillon Mechanical Watch


New Palace Museum launched a multi-functional tourbillon mechanical watch. Currently, it has launched crowdfunding on Xiaomi Youpin. Gold, silver, and white are available in three colors. Each color is limited to 999 pieces, each is unique, Demonstrates dignity.

In terms of design, the Palace Museum adopts a lotus-shaped cut case, the watch shape is round and square, neat and sharp, light and shadow passing, like sparkling water.

The multi-function dial including calendar, universal time, sun-moon/sundial dial, time management is more scientific; the 12 o’clock sundial and sun-moon two-in-one dial with Chinese characteristics, reappearing day and night change between square inches, meaning the sun and moon.

Among them, the Meijin and Ya silver dials are made of medium-temperature and cold enamel. After 9 major processes, nearly 50 small processes can be polished to achieve a complete dial effect. It takes about a week for each literal face to finally show the most perfect effect. Pick one, the process is complicated.

The jade-white dial uses natural pearl oysters as the base material, 3D printing treasure-like flower texture, multiple coloring techniques, and the pieces are meticulously crafted to present a beautiful and elegant silk-like effect.

The side of the watch body is engraved with seawater and river cliff pattern decorative reliefs, inspired by the emperor’s dragon robe and the decorative patterns of the official uniforms of the civil and military officials.

The exclusive VIP number nameplate is inlaid on the side, each piece needs to be made separately, through forging, electroplating, wire drawing, high-speed CNC cutting, corrosion, and other processes, and the complex process is created.

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The dial is inlaid with large real diamonds at 12 o’clock, and rubies are inlaid at other points. Double sapphire table mirror, blessed by nano-level blue light coating. The first layer leather strap is soft and comfortable.

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