PanoClip Snap-On 360° Lens Offering 360-Degree Photos For Just $43.11


The PanoClip is a Stylish and subtle device that is goofy and fun to use. It offers a perfect look with unique filters, effects, and customizable stickers. “Instead of buying and connecting an expensive 360 camera to your phone, the PanoClip just slides onto your phone and uses its cameras instead.”

The PanoClip comes in a white color, rectangular box that’s slightly wider than the iPhone X and about an inch and a half thick. On each of the long sides is a lens, and in the bottom is a slot into which you insert the iPhone. Once the phone is fully inserted, the PanoClip’s two lenses correspond to the front and rear cameras on the iPhone. It’s a clever idea. PanoClip’s free app (which you need in order to use this accessory) takes a photo from both of the iPhone’s cameras in quick succession and then stitches them together.

From the App, you can add stickers and filters, and then share the photo in a variety of formats, such as a standard 360-degree photo or an animation that slowly pans the camera. PanoClip’s app also lets you view 360-degree photos and videos taken by those who own the PanoClip as well as Insta360 cameras.

The PanoClip Snap-On 360° Lens is compatible with Apple iPhone X and is currently available on DD4.COM for just $43.11.


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