Participant of the show Voice David Todua


Creativity of the singer and composer

David Todua, a 37-year-old musician and participant in the show Voice, was born in Georgia, spent his youth in Ukraine and Siberia and now lives in Moscow. Frequent relocations are associated with military events in the homeland.

David Todua is known in creative circles as a talented composer. Therefore, it is not surprising that he received an offer from Dima Bilan to work on the song Do not be silent. An original song was very different from the one that sounds now. He and Dima worked on it for a long time and as a result, it was a hit. With Dima they made more than one song and soon another one will be released. By the way, Bilan never heard him sing, maybe he didn’t even know it. He was surprised by the participation of David Todua.

In addition to Bilan, he worked with Emin, they have a good professional relationship. He sang several songs written by David from the latest album – “Boomerang” and “You. He got to know with Emin not so long ago, they worked in the studio. After a blind audition Emin greeted him, although David thought he had no idea of ​​his singing skills.

Already famous composer David Todua doubted regarding his participation in the show Voice. His experiments with music competitions ended a long time ago, since 2000 he did not go to castings of major projects. He was lucky enough to take part and get the lead role in the musical about the work of the group Queen. He played the role of Freddie Mercury.

At the age of 37 David Todua likes to make risky decisions in the profession, but admits that he does not like competitions, because in such projects there is always an “exam syndrome”, you have to compete.

However, his spirit of adventure prevailed in him and to the delight of Voice fans he demonstrated his vocal abilities. David considers this project to be one of the most worthy on television, so he was pleased to go through the casting and then receive proposals from all members of the jury.

However, David Todua chose Agutin because he is an excellent musician, his style is closer to David. But he admitted that he had already worked with Dima Bilan as a composer, so to avoid unpleasant questions and rumours he chose Leonid’s team.

Talented Entrepreneur: Founding Milton Group

Everyone knows David Todua as a singer, songwriter and participant in the show Voice but few people know that he is still a talented entrepreneur. Together with a friend, they founded the freight company Milton group. Later, it began to bring significant profits and gave the desired financial independence to David Todua. Thanks to the excellent service and quality of services Miton Group became known abroad. The artist’s participation in the company’s work helps to find creative and extraordinary solutions. The freight company Milton Group has every chance to take a leading position in the market.

David is a man who combines unique talent and business skills. But one thing is for sure, David Todua will still surprise his fans with his creative and business achievements. So, we wish success in the career of David Todua and his company Milton Group prosperity!



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