Patent Leak: Apple iPhone New Phone Design Full Screens


Apple itself also knows that users have usually complained that they insist on Notch, especially because the cutting-edge technology can not reach the overall screen (different such solutions aren’t counted). Foreign media recently release iPhone New Phone Design, Let check.Apple iPhone New Design  Although the technology cannot attain, but Apple has now not stopped the tempo of exploring the new form of the iPhone. Apple’s state-of-the-art patent indicates that Apple is operating on an all-glass iPhone, which can display information, icons, and pix on any aspect, and that the entire tool is touch-sensitive. The US patent quantity 20200057525, entitled “Electronic Device with Glass Case,” describes an iPhone consisting of a six-sided glass case.

Apple iPhone New Design

The patent also indicates that the glass again and glass sides may be transparent. Permitting the electronic device to include an additional display screen. That can be considered through the facet and/or the back. And supplying touch and/or force-sensitive sensors. That customers can engage with to manipulate Electronic equipment.Apple iPhone New Design

Since it is a full-contact iPhone, Apple is also considering the usage of the brink of the cellphone to display data. There may be an icon just like the application on iPhone New Phone Design. This allows users to go into the plane mode or turn on Wi-Fi with a unmarried tap. And it is able to also show weather records or stock scrolling quotes on the facet.

Doesn’t iPhone New Phone appearance fantastic? I desire technology can be reached soon. Share your opinion in the comment section.

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