Top 10 Phone Call Tracking Apps for Effective Call Monitoring


Are you worried about your child constantly talking to someone over the phone?

An app for call tracking can solve all your worries. Statistics says there is an increase in the percentage of people victimized by phone scams by 270% in 2020 ascompared to 2019. This number is in the increasing direction throughout the year 2021 as well. The victims have reported getting fake calls from the bank and asking for OTP or ATM pin. These fake phone calls result in financial theft and fraud.

Why should one track someone’s calls?

Call tracking helps users in monitoring-

  • the call history,
  • the call logs,
  • the duration of calls, and,
  • the contact details of the caller

Presently, predators and scammers are using calls as a medium to fulfill their ill intentions. To save others from falling prey to these dangerous online scams, call tracking is significant. Parents can track their kids through parental monitoring apps to prevent them from any type of fraud or predator. Individuals can track the calls of their loved ones to ensure their safety from online dangers.

Best Phone Call Tracking Apps

  1. TiSPY

It is one of the best call tracking apps. TiSPY offers an easy interface. It helps a non-techie person to operate with ease. It has effective call tracking. The users can track the call history of the target phone, read the call logs, see the duration and also identify the contact details of the caller. TiSPY offers a dashboard where you can track all the information remotely without hassle. It provides call tracking of social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger as well.

  1. mSPY

Another one of the best call tracking apps, mSPY has an interactive interface working in many languages. It offers call tracking features where users can detect the caller’s details, call logs, monitor call history, and the time spent on various calls. The app for call tracking works in hidden mode and allows users to monitor the calls remotely.

  1. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch works in stealth mode and is entirely invisible in the target’s phone. The app provides a call tracking feature where the user can track the contact details of a suspicious caller. Hoverwatch allows you as parents to even record the calls of your kids. It tracks the call history and logs and brings them to the dashboard provided for the user.

  1. FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY is an effective call tracking application. It allows parents, and individuals to intercept audio calls. It allows you to track calls log and history and can even help you identify the contact details including, the name, and location of the caller. It works in hidden mode and even if found stops the software from uninstalling in the target’s phone.

  1. SPYic

SPYic is a free call tracking application, with paid features of geo-fencing and call recording. Parents can track their child’s call log and history easily without hassle. It provides call history information with real-time updates and with the date and time stamps. Users can check call duration and also the number of times calls are received or made on a specific contact number.

  1. XNSPY

XNSPY is a call tracking application with a secure interface and provides reliable call tracking information. It is convenient to use and can effectively track calls on the target phone. The call tracking application tracks call logs, history, and duration of the calls. The app can identify caller details easily and quickly. It works in stealth mode and does not let the target phone know of the tracking.

  1. Snoopza

Snoopza is another one of the best call tracking apps. It is easy to use and is versatile in its features. It has free signup with several pocket-friendly paid features for effective call tracking. It provides reliable information and brings it to the dashboard provided by the user.

  1. uMobix

uMobix is an effective call tracking application that is compatible with all android and iOS devices. The users can track the outgoing and incoming calls, along with other tracking information like time and date stamps, duration, and details of the caller. It provides a live control panel where all the tracking information can be accessed by the user conveniently.

  1. iKeyMonitor

When the list of best call tracking apps is made, iKeymonitor always reserves its place. The call tracking application allows parents, and individuals to track the received and made calls from the target phone, the number of calls made, the duration of the call, and the contact details of the caller. This information can be used as a shred of reliable evidence whenever required. The app is easy-to-use and secured for any breaches of confidential tracking information.

  1. CocoSpy

CocoSpy is among the best call tracking apps because of its interactive and convenient interface. It is compatible with cell phones and tablets as well. The call tracking application helps users track call history, duration of calls, logs and also helps in identifying the caller. CocoSpy is an effective phone call location tracker. It provides a panel for users to access all the tracking information.


The evil elements of the internet are taking up calls as a medium to perform their ill intentions. It is making the internet a highly unsafe place for everyone. Parents, and individuals can take the help of call tracking applications like TiSPY, to track the call effortlessly and save the tracking information for future reference. Many call tracking applications are available today; users should keep in mind factors like cost, features, security, and reliability. TiSPY, along with all these factors provides convenient usage of the application. It is an effective call tracking experience.


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