Phones that are best suited to students


The smartphone is a necessity in college because it not only helps to stay in touch with a parent but also can be used for studies. When choosing a smartphone for your grown child, it’s essential to consider several characteristics like battery durability, accessibility, and special features. We classified smartphones by brand so you can easily choose one that meets your own needs. We hope that this review will help you purchase the best phone for college students using our tips.

  • Apple

Apple offers the best options both for adults and children, but the price is relatively high. Therefore, not all students can afford purchasing the iPhone. For those who are ready to pay a higher price for higher quality and variety of options, the iPhone 6s is the best phone for students. This brand is the number one in the market because it’s user-friendly, uses the most recent technological developments, and stylish. So, if you can afford to buy this phone (the retail price is around $450) is the best option. The iPhone 7 has a long battery life, good camera resolution, and it’s water-resistant. However, it’s more expensive (the retail price is $550), so, if you want to save, the iPhone 6s is a viable alternative.

If you have a financial opportunity to buy something outstanding, try iPhone X. Its price is around $1000, but the functions are conceptually different from those presented in the previous models. Except for advanced storage capability, enhanced video functions, and wireless charge, it has a large display, face recognition, and prolonged battery life. Also, it featured with an advanced level of security that can be useful for students. Your child can make photos of homework or contact an essay helper easily. Undoubtedly, it’s expensive, but the likelihood of losing or damaging it is low. The longer battery life will help stay in touch for longer periods that are important for parents whose children study far from home.

  • Samsung

This brand is number two in the list of the companies providing the best college phones. These phones are more affordable as the price varies from $450 to $750. Samsung phones offer face recognition, expanded storage, face recognition, and wireless charge. Samsung Galaxy S9 successfully compete iPhone X, but the price for it is $200-250 less. The price for this smartphone depends on its storage capability. It’s featured Android. Among other benefits of Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are attractive design, high screen resolution, and great camera performance. You can hook it to a monitor or a keyboard to get desktop experience. The most expensive one costs around $770, but still, it’s cheaper than the iPhone. However, it offers similar functions that can be useful for college students.

Another model offered by Samsung is Galaxy Note 8 that is good for those students who like taking notes. S Pen will help you to do it so that you can be productive during the lectures. With Samsung Galaxy Note 8, you can get the best writing experience, contact essay writing help, and make audio files not to lose the details. A college education is based on essay writing. Therefore, it’s essential to access this kind of help in Canada when you need it. Additionally, this phone is pressure sensitive and has the option of handwriting recognition. You can also create moving images in GIF format and send animated images to your peers.

  • Google

This company is less experienced in the market of smartphones. Pixel 2 lacks some essential features, but it features a high-resolution camera that can compete that one of iPhone X. Therefore, it’s worth $650. Google asks for it. Its battery life is long even beating the life of the battery of iPhone 6s. For those who value good camera and long battery life, Pixel 2 is the best option.

· OnePlus 6

OnePlus 6 is another budget option for students. The price is around $530, and this phone is very close to the functionality of iPhone X and Galaxy S9. However, it’s more affordable if compared to these two options. OnePlus 6 is similar to the Pixel 2, but the former featured with an advanced auxiliary jack. So, you can enjoy the high quality sound when listening to music. Its storage is 256 gigabytes that more than in Pixel 2. Overall, it doesn’t belong to any known brands, but it has the best features for this class of phones in the market.

  • Moto E5 Play

Having a good phone is important for students, but taking a loan just to buy an iPhone is not a rational idea. For the student of the first year in college, having a phone that performs well is enough. In this respect, Moto E5 Play is a perfect purchase. It can handle the key apps for students, you can make phone calls, can access essay help online free, and it’s cheap. You will be able to buy a more expensive phone during your second, third, or the fourth year in a college when you find part-time work. It will be easier for you to buy it when you can earn your own money.

  • Blackberry

This is the best brand for those who prefer using physical keyboards. Blackberry Key2 is the best option for students as it focuses on privacy. Security is one of the main priorities of this phone. Undoubtedly, students tend to use touch-screen phones, but Blackberry Key2 is really great for students. It acts as an essay helper: you can use it when you need without any other unnecessary options.

We hope that this review will help you choose the best smartphone for your child. There are many options, and you can select those meeting the individual needs of your new students. A good smartphone can be a great helper in studies. Therefore, choose the one with the functionality and design according to your ambitions.


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