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If you want to same additional space, or want to put in some latest music or movies to your iPhone device, or want to move a big file, having an iPhone flash drive which functions well with your device is great. As mentioned above, there are many flash drives for the iPhone available, but upon our extensive research, we found out that the PhoneStick stands out from the rest. Here is our review to PhoneStick.

ThePhotoStick is a very lightweight device that has the capability to store photos, videos, and documents. It has a resemblance to the conventional flash drive that we use daily.

However, this is an innovative gadget that can easily support and back up files on your iPhone. It works fast and very small so that you can bring it anywhere you want to go.

This device works not only on iPhone devices but also on those powered by Android. This can assist you a lot with saving and backing up photos and videos. It comes with an app that can be downloaded on the Apple and Google play store. It is easy to use, just connect it, back up your files, and that’s it.

ThePhotoStick is able to hold thousands of videos and pictures. Imagine how much space you are able to free up on your iPhone by transferring the files over. Aside from backing up videos and pictures, this flash drive also can sort out your memories.

This is a user-friendly device. Just insert it to the USB port of your iPhone, and it will work. Then click the Go button to begin backing up your files. This flash drive will start searching each date on your laptop and recognizes pictures and videos that need to be supported. Aside from backing up, it also eliminates duplicates files to give space to the new file that needs to be saved. Backing up pictures and videos can be done in a minute.

the photo stick reviews shows that this photo stick for iPhone works fast without any complexity on your part. However, the length of backing up the files depends on various factors like a number of files on the hard drive and the size of your computer. Scanning can be done in a minute. This device will look for files that you think you lost and will search for images and videos too. You can use this flash drive to find music files and important documents too.

What are the Features of the photo stick?

One of the many reasons why ThePhotoStick is very popular is due to its amazing features. Some of these features take account of:

  • Fast Back Up:backing files via cloud storage takes a lot of time, and you need to set up an account and download software. However, with The Photo Stick all you need to do is to connect it to the USB port, and you can now start backing up your files. Backing up takes a minute. So, you have time to cook.
  • Compatible with Any Forms of Media Formats:One amazing feature of this flash drive is that it is compatible with media formats of any sort. Whether it is JPEG, JPG, MP4, MP3, or PNG, this flash drive for iPhone will save your files successfully. You can also save old and new pictures in this device and access them fast and with ease.
  • No Internet Needed:Not like other data backup devices out there that need an internet connection, ThePhotoStick works without the internet. You can support your files anytime and anywhere you want. It is more advantageous than cloud storage and works like a conventional USB. It is also portable and made for photos and videos alone. Do you have 10,000 pictures or videos, worry no more, this device can accommodate it.

Some other amazing features of this iPhone flash drive include:

  • Instantly searches and organize all the music and video files
  • Quickly scans, discovers as well as gets rid of duplicates, so you are able to save a lot of memory|
  • Instant backup of file- 1000s of video and images files in a couple of minutes
  • The file can be opened from a MAC
  • One time investment

Pros and Cons 

It doesn’t matter if you are searching for a high-end device which makes a solid backup, restores lost files or saves an array of files regardless of size, ThePhotoStick got you covered. The best thing about it is that it is compatible with no matter what computer operating system you are using. It also has extensive as well as secure storage space and made with visual appeal. It came with a generous warranty and performed superbly well, from scanning to backing up the files.

State of the art PhotoStick is also integrated with state of the art features that you must be aware of. Like other products out there, it also has some flaws. It is essential to know the pros and cons in order to come up with the best decision if the product is right for you or not.

This device offers many advantages, such as:

  • No Monthly Subscription:With Photostick, you can save a lot of money from paying monthly costs for cloud storage. You will just need to pay once, and that’s it. You can use it for many years. It is made of high-quality materials, so you are assured that it will last for many years.
  • Productivity:You can save time when you consider this flash drive, as it will assist you in sorting out your files. When sorted out, it will not be easier for you to find the files you want to access.
  • Security:Keep away the annoyance of losing your priceless images and pictures simply because you failed to support them.
  • Super Lightweight: This device is very small, which makes it very handy and portable, so you are able to bring it anywhere and anytime you want.
  • Filter Duplicates:The PhotoStick device can determine a duplicate file and remove them. This frees up a space for a new file.
  • Scans Files Instantly:This flash drive for iPhone has the capability to scan files in an instant. So, this gets rid of the pressure of backing up the videos as well as videos manually. The process of backing up is done in an automatic way. As a result, you save time and are able to catch up with time for the family. This is particularly significant for employees with busy schedules.
  • Warranty:What makes this product exceptional is the generous warranty the company offer to the buyers. However, you can just request a refund if the product is malfunctioning. If your reason is that you are not satisfied, then the company will not honor your request.  So, make sure to do a proper research when buying and ensure that you are aware of the product to avoid wasting your money and time as well.
  • Quick Operation: This storage deviceis intended to look for lost images and videos on your device. And it works fast. After connecting the device on your laptop, click the Go button, and it will automatically scan the data and delete or eliminate the same files to give a space to a new one.
  • Password is Not Needed or Required: Before, you need to make an account and create a password in order to save vital files. That was before; now, with the help of this device, you can back files even if there is no internet connection. This state of the art device works fast and efficiently. What is more, it also gets rid of complicated procedures. So, you have more time with family, jobs, and household chores. This device also has the capability to boost your productivity and also gives a stellar as well as fantastic performance.
  • Searching and Scanning Made Easy: Before, you need to sit in front of your laptop and one by one back up the videos and photos. Aside from being tedious and daunting, it will consume most of your time. What if you are a student or a busy employee, most of your time will just go to backing up the files. There is no need to worry, as the PhotoStick is here to help.  This is a reliable device that allows you to save a considerable amount of time in backing your files as the whole thing is done automatically. All you have to do is to insert or hook the device on your computer, install the app, and then click the Go button. Your videos and photos will be backed up in a couple of minutes.
  • Save Precious Time and Reduced Effort:This device is indeed beneficial, particularly to employees who often experience losing or misplacing a critical file. ThePhotoStick can get rid of this instance; in fact, it can make you productive. What if the data badly needed? What will you do now? If I were you, you have to consider getting a Photo Stick as it is reliable in saving from this annoying scenario. This reduces your workload and saves you valuable time in due course.
  • No Subscription Fee: The best thing about this device is that you don’t have to give out a monthly fee as it is only available for onetime payment only. All you have to do is to take good of it in order to last it longer. Keep away from moisture as it is not waterproof, and make sure to keep it in a safe place.

As a whole, ThePhotoStick does the whole thing. It is easy to use as it comes with a guide, and also, there is no need to register and to put up a password. Many people today have a complaint that ThePhotoStick is susceptible to security issues. They say that it can be stolen by someone else or misplace it. However, it is highly advisable to keep it safe as well as securely, and no one will bother your documents as well as files. ThePhotoStick cannot be hacked or accessed.


Despite the many benefits it offers, it also comes with some flaws. Many users commented that ThePhotostick isn’t able to organize files or documents. Although it is reliable as well as efficient in saving pictures, documents, and even videos, it didn’t sort out the backups in an excellent way. Older pictures were assorted in freshly saved images and videos.

  • No Guides and Manuals Available: One minor drawback many users come across when using this device is that it does not come with a manual or physical instruction. But the website has the required information for a stress-free experience. All you have to do is to visit the page if you need assistance and support. It is easy to navigate, aside from being easy to use.

Many users of this device didn’t experience issues in hooking it up to a USB port. Backing up and scanning can be done in a few seconds only. However, some find it challenging to customize the features. Some users come across difficulty in understanding the settings, and it needs lots of trials and errors. But there is no need to worry as the manufacturer provides fast as well as reliable customer service.

Whether you have a specific query on the application of this product or need to verify something, you can call the company. Customer service is always available to take your calls as well as answer all your queries. Even if there is no guide included, you will find out how simple to use this device is. You don’t have to be a technology expert in utilizing this device. It is easy as well as intuitive enough, which even your kids can use without a problem. We advise you to purchase the superior version in order to avoid functionality issues. We also advise you to do proper research and take the time to read various reviews.

  • Don’t Accept Return for Error During Application: Your refund will be declined if your main reason is that you are contented with the service of this device. Therefore, before making a buying decision, ensure to read this review to stay away from having remorse.

The company will only return your money if it is malfunctioning or not working. If the reason for returning the product is that you are not pleased with how it functions, which is, in fact, in good condition, your request will be declined.

Always keep in mind the before purchasing, ensure that your decision is firm. Make sure to read reviews concerning the product to help you know if this is really the one you are looking for or not.

  • Costly Option:A lot of people are asking how the photo stick work and looking for something inexpensive and reasonable. ThePhotostick is costly. Despite the price, the fast backing up, scanning features and storage capacity, and even the software makes this device worthwhile. There are lots of cheap tools available out there; however, it only a few days of use, you will come across problems in performance and even in functionality. In the end, this is just a waste of money. With state of the art ThePhoneStick, you can enjoy the utmost safety as well as security, and for sure, you will be amazed by its remarkable operation. Because it is made of high-quality materials, you are assured that it will last for many years of using.

Instead of wasting your resources buying cheap and reasonable products, it is highly advisable to pick the expensive one as you are guaranteed that it is quality and will survive your daily use.

A lot of people, at this point, pick cheaper options. These may look like an amazing deal at first, but, in a few weeks or using, they will experience problems in functionality like stops working without any sign. This will just lead to wasting your money.

  • Freeze Once in a While:A lot of users say that this device freezes once in a while. That is the reason why you have to make sure to buy the original and highly-regarded regarded brand of Photo Stick and make sure to just buy from reliable ecommerce stores like Amazon or buy straight to the manufacturer’s website.

Where can I buy this device?

ThePhotoStick is available in various stores online. But, if you want to avoid a scam, it is highly advisable to buy this product straight to the manufacturer’s website.

How Much is ThePhotostick?

You can buy this product for only $64.99 on the official website. Some stores offer it for $99.99. Struggling with videos and pictures is frustrating. They hold memorable events in our lives and must be enjoyed. The frustration, as well as stress you feel daily dealing with mobile devices and puzzling apps, are incredibly overwhelming. Of course, no one wishes to deal with it; however, in reality, this is what many people encounter. You can get rid of the stress for only $64.99. When you buy two or more units, you will be entitled to a 40 percent discount.


What makes ThePhotostick apart from other flash drives out there?

ThePhotostick is a state of the art device able to back up files. It also sorts out your data that makes it easier to find the files. It is easy to use, and most of all, there is no subscription fee. It is available for onetime payment only. All you have to do is to take good of it in order to last it longer. Keep away from moisture as it is not waterproof, and make sure to keep it in a safe place.

To Sum Up

Upon our thorough research, we have discovered that this device provides a remarkable backup solution, which is badly needed in today’s time. Computers and smartphones tend to fail, broke as well as get lost, and take with them precious photos as well as vital memories.

The usability of ThePhotoStick is remarkable- it significantly does the whole thing. If you want to keep your vital files safe and sound or want to rid of the inconvenience of a low storage space, unorganized or duplicate files, crashes of devices, then you must consider getting ThePhotostick.


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