PICO 4 VR All-in-One Machine Released: Starts at 2499 yuan ($349)


At the press conference tonight, PICO, a subsidiary of Byte, released a new generation of PICO 4 VR helmets, equipped with a 4K+ high-resolution super-vision screen for both eyes, and a refresh rate of 90Hz. At the same time, it is very thin and light. The domestic price is 2499 yuan rise.

In terms of appearance, the appearance of PICO 4 adopts the contrasting color matching of the black mirror surface and gray-white body, which is lighter and more compact. The weight without straps and batteries is only 295g, which is 38% thinner than Neo3, 43% smaller in volume, and 100g in weight.

At the same time, the PICO 4 series adopts a front and rear balance design scheme, which reduces the pressure on the face when wearing the PICO 4. With the design of the rear battery compartment and the anti-slip PU leather material, it can really be worn for a long time without getting tired.

In terms of hardware, the PICO 4 series adopts the Snapdragon XR2 mobile processing platform, equipped with two 2.56-inch screens, super-vision-sensitive screens with binocular resolution up to 4K+ level, PPI (pixel density) up to 1200, refresh rate up to 90Hz, Pancake folding optical path design, and has been independently improved to make the reflection and transmission loss of light lower, the optical resolution is 85.7% higher than that of Neo3, the field of view is up to 105°, and it supports stepless electric interpupillary distance adjustment.

It also uses a new SuperSkin foam, which closely fits the user’s facial skin while absorbing sweat and is breathable, bringing a better experience.

In terms of touch and interaction, the HyperSense vibration handle of the PICO 4 series adopts the star ring arc column design as a whole, is equipped with a 50-500Hz broadband linear motor, and uses the infrared sensor placed in the arc column to achieve accurate head-hand 6DoF spatial positioning.

In addition, the PICO 4 body also hides a 16-megapixel RGB camera, which makes the real-world picture more vivid. The 4 environmental tracking camerasequipped on the fuselage can also track the surrounding environment with high precision.

In terms of battery life, it is equipped with a 5300mAh battery, which is officially said to provide about three hours of use time on a single charge, and like the previous PICO headset, the battery is built into the back strap to maintain balance.

In addition to hardware, PICO is also equipped with the new PICO OS 5.0 operating system, and the UI style is more relaxed and natural. Through the new Avatar system, you can not only customize an exclusive avatar but also invite friends to interact and entertain together.

In terms of applications, this time it also brings a rich VR application ecosystem, including VR of well-known IPs such as “Lamy Rod Body Combat” fitness, Discovery adventure program, “Sword and Magic”, “Three-Body Problem”, “Spiritual Cage” and other well-known IPs. The content of the version will be launched one after another. This time, we have reached a cooperation with Liu Cixin. Three-body fans can finally look forward to the VR version of the three-body sci-fi. There is also a “well-known Chinese female singer 6DoF full virtual concert” worth looking forward to.

In terms of price, the 8+128GB version of PICO 4 is priced at 2,499 yuan, the 8+256GB version is priced at 2,799 yuan, and the higher-profile PICO 4 Pro is priced at 3,799 yuan, 8+512GB configuration, and will go on sale in December.

The PICO somatosensory tracker (×2) is priced at ¥199, and the myopia lens (×2) customized by Essilor is priced from $349.

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