Pilot Era Ends the IndieGoGo Campaign In 3 Days


A month ago, Pisofttech launched a community funding campaign featuring the 8K VR camera, Pilot Era. The campaign is about to come to an end, and if you want to participate in it as one of the early sponsors then you have three days to act. If you join, you will get a 23 percent discount on the camera’s official purchase price. You just have to do nothing more than to visit the Indiegogo page of the product.

There’s a referral tournament, the essence of which is to recommend the product to friends and win $200. You can find the participants here. Additionally, you can enter or register at Kickbooster , share the link, and receive 12 percent of the revenue you promote. What to do?

  • Go and register on the Kickbooster page as “Booster” and confirm your email address.
  • Share your own unique Booster links on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, website, or wherever you want!
  • Check out the Kickbooster control panel, you can see how much money you’ve been looking for after sales.
Let talk about the Pilot Era

“It’s not a single 360-degree camera, it’s a complete set that doesn’t require a computer to work. We’ve built the world’s first 360-degree live broadcast camera to capture street pictures and don’t need any extra knowledge or equipment, ” says Adler Shen, co-founder, and CEO of Pisofttech.

Until now, no 360-degree camera was able to broadcast live without serious preparation and technical conditions, and no camera was able to create and immediately publish Google Street View, or capture and merge 8K resolution videos without the involvement of computers and other devices.

The Pilot Era design concept focuses on enhancing efficiency, especially for professional users. Adding a touchscreen, accessing the Android operating system, installing high-end hardware, and putting it in a compact housing that is hardly bigger than your hand allows Pilot Era to really be the world’s first-ever 8K 360 degrees Be a VR camera.

Combining the recordings is 100% inside the device, so you can create and upload beautiful 8K videos without involving your computer. Balanced colors and frames, as well as sync exposure, give razor-sharp detail to the 8K content you create. Fly your audience into your world with just one touch on your device screen.

The previous professional 360-degree cameras are large, cumbersome, complicated to use, and require a PC or smartphone to connect to even the most basic operations, and they also require a high-performance PC to capture 8K panoramic videos, which is complicated and time-consuming. Pilot Era offers a solution to this problem.

Below is a list of Pilot Era’s major specifications

  • 7680 × 3840 24 FPS 8K Videos Inside Camera
  • Android-based operating system
  • 3.1-inch large touch screen with live preview and full control
  • Optical matching of 8K photos
  • 4K live streaming with 30 frames per second via WiFi or Ethernet
  • 4xf / 2.28 aspherical fisheye lens
  • Google Capture and Publish Street View directly from your device
  • 512GB fast storage and 7200mAh capacity with 3.5 hours of battery life
  • 9-axis gyroscopic stabilization

The launch of Pilot Era is expected to start in June at $2599 unless you participate in the Indiegogo campaign. With a special offer, the first 50 supporters received an $800 discount, while $600 is the other early retirement, the latter option still live for a few days. So far, the campaign has a total of 106 supporters and has managed to raise more than $170,000, which is 865% of the target. Just click here and get your 8K VR camera.


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