Pinecone Surge S1 VS Kirin 655 VS Helio P10 VS Snapdragon 625, Which One is Stronger?


Xiaomi has finally released its first own pinecone processor, Pinecone Surge S1, according to Xiaomi official, it will be a processor aiming at mid-range, so compared with other brands’ processor like Kirin 655, Helio P10, Snapdragon 625 processor, which one is stronger?

According to comparison sheet, Xiaomi Pinecone Surging S1 processor has no big difference from other processors in CPU and GPU, they all belong to Octa core A53 chipset, over 2.0GHz main frequency. In GPU, Surging S1 keeps highest level compared with others.

But in processing, Surging S1 uses TSMC 28nm in the similar level compared with Helio P10, but has gap from Snapdragon 625 with Samsung 14nm, Kirin 655 with TSMC 16nm.

In camera, Surging S1 has strong specs, which is higher than current popular Snapdragon 625 processor, and much higher than Helio P10.

As for baseband, Xiaomi Surge S1 seems a little weak, up to five module LTE Cat.4, in the low level, compared with Snapdragon 625, it has long road to take.

In all, although Xiaomi Pinecone Surge S1 Procesor shows very strong antutu performance, which is the killer of mid-range smartphone, but as for real performance, you should check this Xiaomi MI5C hands on review.


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