Pipo X1S Mini Compute TV Stick with USB3.0 Review


As early as the beginning of 2015, Intel has released host computer like a U disk, named Compute stick at 149.99usd. Since that time, Mini compute stick or tv stick has been popular. And it attracted much attention from many medias and consumers. Recently, Pipo released the latest compute stick Pipo X1S tv stick which has solved the problem of the first generation of compute disk, greatly improving the user experience. According to the official,, it sells at 499 yuan, which is quite cheap and competitive compared with the first generation.

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Pipo X1S has the similar design to the compute stick to use the U disk appearance. It can be inserted directly display by fixied HDMI port. As a super small hot computer, Pipo X1S has 14 * 34 * 17 (mm) dimensions which is quite small and tiny. When it connects display, the length is 99.5 mm.  You can not image how powerful it is.



How did Pipo x1s solve the problem of over heating and CPU compatibility. First, Pipo X1S is powered by the latest Atom cherry Trail Z8300 processor, compared with Z3735F processor, it has improved its architecture. Z8300 uses 14nm process, but Z3735F is 14nm.. Moreover, Z8300 GPU integrates 12EU units, but Z3735F only has 4EU units. Therefore,. in the processor performance, Pipo X1S has improved its hardware performance 40% more than the first generation compute stick. It can play many games that Z3735 can not do.


Next, although Pipo X1S is so compact, it is built in the in smart temperature control fan. It is hard to imagine such tiny design can control the heat freely. And it is also confirmed by Pipo technicians. Its fan can start when the heat is over 60 degrees. But it’s so compact about the fan like a coin.


As a super mini computer host. Pipo X1S is limited largely in its expansion, but it provides TF card expansion and two USB ports. It’s very lucky that one of USB port is USB3.0 port.  If you intend to download by this mini computer, integrated USB3.0 port is more convenient without doubt. It’s said, Pipo X1S with USB3.0 is the first tv stick until now in the industry.

Of course, Pipo X1S as a real computer host, can do the same tasks like looking at stocks, watching movies, playing games, doing office work,etc as other computer. It doesn’t occupy much to consume the power. Most important, it sells at 499 yuan right now very competitively. If you are interested in it, you can consider getting one at home to play games, etc.  What do you think of this small Pipo X1S.


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